Proposals for the urban renewal of the center of Cali

In an event held by the Cali councilor, a series of proposals aimed at revitalizing the downtown area of ​​the city were announced. Which are?

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In addition, 3 billion pesos will be allocated for the completion of 5th Street and the necessary resources to pave La Palomera road. During the meeting, other key projects for the region were also discussed, such as the purchase of land for a new Police station and the installation of security cameras, with the aim of reinforcing security in the community.

Subsequently, a tour of the hospital works was carried out, where the hospital manager, Carlos Gabriel Quiñónez Quintero, the Secretary of Education, Sor Inés Larrahondo, the Secretary of Infrastructure, Edwin Lasso, the Departmental Secretary of Health (e) were present. , Carolina Camargo, the manager of Quilisalud, Iván Ledezma, deputy Nilson Gómez, the president of the Council, Alejandro Medina, and several councilors and media representatives.

Governor Guzmán emphasized that these investments will not only promote the development of Santander de Quilichao, but will also contribute to the well-being and security of the entire northern Cauca region. “Peace and security are built with social investment,” stated the Departmental leader, highlighting that the technical feasibility of the hospital has already been approved by the Ministry and that the contracting process will begin in the next three months.

Additionally, the government will co-finance the construction of a new Municipal Administrative Center and the continuation of the San Pedro – La Palomera road, with an additional investment of more than 3 billion pesos. Progress will also be made in the construction of the Arrobleda bridge to improve connectivity and road safety.

These commitments represent a significant step towards the development and well-being of Santander de Quilichao and reflect the commitment of the Departmental Administration to the progress of its communities.

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