Esepgua and councilors join forces for access to drinking water

The manager of Esepgua Andreina García Pinto together with the councilors of the municipality of Hatonuevo.

In a significant step towards strengthening water management in the municipality of Hatonuevo, the engineer Andreina García Pintomanager of the La Guajira Public Services Company -Esepgua-, met with five local councilors to discuss and plan the ‘Water chapter’ of the Municipal Development Plan for the next four years.

The meeting was marked by the planning of specific strategies aimed at optimizing both the infrastructure and services related to water and basic sanitation in the municipality.

Luis Epieyuindigenous councilor of the municipality, expressed his optimism during the meeting and stated: “With these projects, not only will the urban area benefit, but all our indigenous communities are also included; It’s time for drinking water.”.

This meeting not only responds to local needs, but also aligns with the guidelines of the Governor, who has instructed the projection and execution of a series of initiatives in all the municipalities of La Guajira. The objective is to guarantee the full enjoyment of the right to water and contribute to the comprehensive development of the region.

The joint commitment between Esepgua, local councilors and other government entities reflects a coordinated effort to improve the quality of life of the residents of Hatonuevo and promote equitable and sustainable access to drinking water throughout the region.



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