He did not want to recognize his biological son in Cipolletti and they fined him: how they discovered him

A Cipolletti man was fined by Justice due to his lack of collaboration in the process of a filiation trial. It was the child’s mother who initiated legal action for the man to be recognized as the biological father. The subject first promised voluntary recognition before the Civil Registry, but he did not comply and twice missed his shift for genetic expertise. Now he will have to pay all the costs of the trial, in addition to a fine.

«The ruling of the Cipolletti Family jurisdiction granted the action to claim paternal recognition and ordered the registration of the child as the son of his biological father«, they stated from the Judicial Branch of Río Negro.

The process was promoted by the child’s mother. The subject had promised to appear before the Civil Registry and carry out a voluntary recognition of the joint child. The Family Judge had granted him five working days, but this did not happen.

«When he noticed the non-compliancethe magistrate fined him for his malicious behavior. He then requested an appointment with the Forensic Investigation Corps of the Judicial Branch to carry out the genetic expertise. But the man was missing twice,” they noted.

The child’s mother refused to continue with the judicial process and It was the juvenile defense office that assumed the main representation of the child and once again promoted scientific testing. After several attempts, they finally obtained the paternity result and the study confirmed that the defendant man was the biological father of the child.

The ruling ordered the registration of the child and consolidated not only the fine equivalent to 50 percent of a living and mobile minimum wage but also imposed on the father the payment of all the costs of the trial.


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