Artemisa cheeses and for the world from Lácteos Santa Ana SURL

Artemisa cheeses and for the world from Lácteos Santa Ana SURL
Artemisa cheeses and for the world from Lácteos Santa Ana SURL

Lácteos Santa Ana SURL is a family farm converted into a MSME based in the municipality of Caimito, province of Artemisa, which is dedicated to the production of milk and the preparation of yogurts, butters and cheeses in different varieties ranging from fresh cheeses to the most aged, with around a year or two years of maturation.

Its president, Raúl Abreu Gómez, spoke with Excellencies in the 4th. International Food, Drink, Packaging and Food Technology Fair (Alimentos Cuba 2024), which meets at the Pabexpo fairgrounds.

This 100% Cuban enterprise does not use chemical products in its preparations, which are entirely organic. “All our yogurts are made with fruit pulp, we make them and they do not have any preservatives or stabilizers,” said Abreu Gómez.

The businessman explained that they produce part of the milk they work with, and they contract the rest. Currently, they sell on platforms and in small markets that exist in Havana, their fundamental sources of sales. Additionally, they can be found in Pinar del Río and Artemisa. On the other hand, hotels and restaurants in Varadero are also its clients.

“There are many people interested, that’s what we are in, and I think the Fair has been a step forward because there are many hotels, many places that want our products,” said the President, who considered it “an excellent opportunity to be here so that the “People know us and we also have our business relationships, which are sometimes a little difficult due to the work situation and the distance we have from the city.”

Among its product lines are fresh products such as mozzarella cheese and its derivatives, yogurts and cream cheese. Added to them is a line of semi-cured cheese, such as provolones or cacho cabal, of Italian origin, and the third line is hard, which requires months or years of maturation, which Abreu Gómez considered as his line of excellence.

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