The polar front entered and the cold increased throughout the province

Weather forecast- autumn – cold -Mendoza (5).jpeg

A polar air front arrived that lowered temperatures in Mendoza even further.

Photo: Axel Lloret / Diario UNO

For him Friday the minimum will be 2 degrees and the maximum will not exceed 6 or 7 degreesit will continue to be very cloudy and unstable in the high mountains.

He maintained that the Saturday It will be another very cold day, with 2 or 3 degrees minimum and 6 or 7 degrees maximumpreferably cloudy with drizzle in the early hours of the morning and the late hours of the morning.

Norte indicated that the trend for the coming weeks is that the cold doesn’t go awaybut you can intensify at the beginning of June with temperatures below zero and frost.

International crossing closed

The forecasts were fulfilled after the alert for snowfall in the mountain range that would complicate transit through the Cristo Redentor Pass to go to or return from Chile. The snowfall in that area began on Monday and continues until this Thursday, so Traffic on that road remains closed..

They indicated that there could be a window of good weather, but that It will only last a few hours and will not give time to clean the roadway in both countries and reopen the international tunnel.

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weather forecast in mendoza national meteorological service.jpg

Weather forecast for Cristo Redentor Pass according to the National Meteorological Service.

According to the National Weather Service, after that brief period without precipitation that could occur between Thursday night and Friday morning, Snowfall will continue until at least Sunday morning.

After this process, it is expected several days with good weather that will allow the cleaning of the route and the reopening of the international crossing.


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