Pereira: Gale left unroofed homes and floods

Pereira: Gale left unroofed homes and floods
Pereira: Gale left unroofed homes and floods

With the heavy rains of the last few hours in Pereira, several emergencies such as the unroofing of five homes in the neighborhoods Corales, Eden I and the Triunfo neighborhood.

They are also reported effects on the 2,500 Lots, Altagracia and Independencia community, which led to the flooding of several homes.

Leonardo Fabio Lópezservice officer of the Official Fire Department of Pereira, He expressed that there is a preliminary balance of the registered emergencies.

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“We have several damage to roofs; Energy ropes fell, a metal structure also fell over some high tension ropes in the El Acuario neighborhood in Ciudadela Cuba,” said López.

He added that there were also “several flooded homes in the Industrial Park in the 2500 lotsin the Independent Communityin the neighborhood El Dorado, Cachipay and a rupture of a sewage pipe, which burst causing a landslide.”

From the Pereira Fire Department They call on the community to do not throw garbage in the sewerssince this is one of the reasons why these floods are recorded, due to their clogging.

Affectations in Santa Rosa de Cabal

Due to the rainfall in the municipality of Santa Rosa de Cabal There have been some damages in this town, especially in the Guayabitos village and in the Monserrate sidewalk where some families had to be evacuated due to the risk in their homes, and the overflow of the La Leona ravine that flooded some houses.

Alfredo Muñoz, director of Civil Defense in the department of Risaralda He noted that they have responded to this series of alerts and will be attentive to any requirements that may arise.

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According to him mayor of Santa Rosa de Cabal, Paulo César Gómezall the sidewalks of the municipality have presented some type of damage, which is why they have all the yellow machinery ready to attend to emergencies.

“We have hundreds of kilometers of rural roads“We are the municipality with the most rural roads in the department and therefore the effects every day when it rains do not wait long,” he said.

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