“It’s unfair,” said the president.

After 15 years of uninterrupted competition in the Confluencia Sports Leaguethe leadership of the 25 de Mayo club confirmedsad news for La Pampa football: by lack of institutional regulation and the economic crisisthey will not dispute the Closing Tournament 2024.

In dialogue with Diario RÍO NEGRO, José Valledorpresident of the Pampas club, He explained that the effort to maintain the club is great by the collaborators but, «a group of active partners did not have the will to regulate the financial and legal situation” of the institution.

“We decided not to participate in the Clausura because one thing is that it is difficult, but another is that it is unfair for the kids and for those who work every day.”

José Valledor, president of the 25 de Mayo club

“The irregular situation of 25 de Mayo has been going on since 2017. There are 31 active members who They have no interest in calling an assembly to present balance sheets, order the legal status, establish the change of authorities,” he said.

Valledor, who knew how to wear the colors of the La Pampa cast and was part of historical triumphs, He took the reins of the club in 2020 and assured that “They could never reach a consensus” that allow them normalize the situation and grow as an institution.

25 de Mayo is the only club in the city that competes in the Confluencia Sports League and since its creation, in 2009, that does not have its own headquarters. «We make local in the Municipal Sports Center because the irregularity of the Legal Status prevents we can manage a space to have our court,” he said.

To the end of the regular phase of the Apertura 2024 tournamentThe club of La Pampa had the chance to qualify for the next round but ended up in fifth place. two points behind Cipolletti, in the table.

The sporting balance is positive, however, The leader explained that in the hypothetical case that May 25th becomes champion, could not participate in the Regional Amateur Tournament due to the irregular situation with the League.

“For the kids”: solidarity in times of crisis

sports institutions They play an important social role in each city and solidarity in times of crisis there was no shortage of May 25. In this sense, Valledor highlighted that thanks to Richard Dewey and Marcelo Rucci, of the Oil Tankers Union, many times they covered travel expenses.

Furthermore, he reported that this semester the president of the Confluencia League, Carlos Rojamanaged two groups to guarantee the transfer of the lower league players and the Municipality of La Pampa, collaborated with two traffic for the senior categories.

«Many football people gave us enormous help. Personally, I grew up in the league. I know how things work and the effort that clubs make to function but we can no longer sustain the situation,” he lamented.

After years of waiting to normalize the status of the club, Finally the leaders of 25 de Mayo decided not participate in the Clausura 2024 tournamentnor compete in the silver cupan instance in which the teams participatingand placed fifth to eighth put on the table.

Since its creation, The club won seven championships: Argentino C (2013), Liga Deportiva Confluencia (2013) and on five consecutive occasions he established himself in Argentino B.

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