They rescue a woman and three girls who were victims of domestic violence in Ibagué

They rescue a woman and three girls who were victims of domestic violence in Ibagué
They rescue a woman and three girls who were victims of domestic violence in Ibagué

Two minors and a woman were rescued by the authorities from a farm in the rural area of ​​Ibagué because they were victims of domestic violence.

The rescue

The Metropolitan Police of Ibagué, had its group for the protection of children and adolescents, to carry out the rescue of a woman and her three daughters, who were systematically victims of domestic violence.

On the morning of May 21, a group of police officers, assigned to the protection section of the Ibagué Metropolitan Police, began the journey to the San Cayetano village, in the jurisdiction of the San Bernardo district, located approximately 40 minutes from the urban area of ​​Ibagué, in order to rescue three girls and their mother, who were allegedly victims of domestic violence.

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It took 40 minutes by vehicle and motorcycle to a mountainous area where they left the transport and began a walk up the hill along a bridle path. Upon arriving at the farm, They found four fearful women at the top of the mountain.

Finally, after almost 20 minutes, the accompanying police and civil authorities managed to reach the farm. They found a 26-year-old woman, who, hugged with her three daughters, aged six and four months, and another 18 months old, were happy for the presence of the uniformed officers.

The girls and their mother were taken to the central police station facilities.with the aim of restoring the rights of minors and guaranteeing their safety.

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Regarding this preventive activity, the Colonel Diego Edixon Mora Muñoz, commander of the Ibagué Metropolitan Policehe stated “We want to remind the community in general that, in the event of any act of violence, especially domestic violence, it is not necessary for the victim to report; anyone can do so.”

“We thank the community of this rural area, who gave timely notice to the family police station. and they immediately activated the care route, which allowed this rescue to be carried out successfully, and to prevent this woman and her three daughters from continuing to be victims of alleged domestic violence,” the officer pointed out.

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