Tucumán is one of the first provinces to close its joint ventures

Tucumán is one of the first provinces to close its joint ventures
Tucumán is one of the first provinces to close its joint ventures

The governor of Tucumán, Osvaldo Jaldoannounced this Thursday the closing of salary negotiations with the different provincial state unions, highlighting the achievement of having been one of the first provinces to complete this process at the current stage.

“We have concluded the joint negotiations and I only have words of gratitude for all the general secretaries who represent the different unions of provincial, national and communal public employees,” said the provincial leader.

In recent days, the government of Tucumán signed agreements with the unions of workers of the Central Administration, Teachers, Health Subsidy, Roads, Housing, Water Service, Tucumán Police and Health.

In this sense, the president extended his recognition to the ministers of Government and Justice, Regino Amadoand Economy, Daniel Abad, together with their work teams, who participated in the negotiations, underlining the importance of listening to the workers’ proposals and considering the financial and budgetary possibilities of the province.

Osvaldo Jaldo.jpg

Osvaldo Jaldo, governor of Tucumán.

“We have been talking with all sectors for two weeks. We have had to meet with some again because this is a Government that listens, that respects the time of the unions and we give them the time necessary to speak with their bases,” he expressed.

The president also mentioned that these salary negotiations will continue in August, when the approval of national laws is expected. “In the fiscal pact we have the income tax, the money laundering, the moratorium, which are co-shareable resources and that Tucumán will receive a separate fee. This will allow us to be financially better positioned to once again meet the needs of the public sector,” he explained.

Next, Jaldo He expressed: “All this has to do with direct benefits to the community” and referred to the situation of the teachers and the national strike called for this Thursday: “We have signed the joint agreement with the teachers, so there is no longer any reason or argument to stop. The teachers have to be at school and the kids have to be studying.

To conclude, the governor confirmed that these agreements “bring peace of mind to each of the people of Tucumán, where essential services are completely normalized, which means social peace and that Tucumán is a completely ordered province.”

Agreement between the government of Tucuman and SITAS, a health union

One of the last to sign with the Tucumán Executive was the Union of Self-convened Health Workers of Tucumán (SITAS), headed by its general secretary, Adriana Bueno, which highlighted the agreement with the province. “Today’s signing is very good but it is not enough. Health is an area that has been giving clear answers but we have many things that are pending,” he said and was optimistic about the negotiations in August in order to improve salary and conditions. of the sector.

For its part, Nora Yenaddeputy secretary of the Provincial Education Workers Association (ATEP), stated that “the agreement was very significant despite not being enough” and added: “We adjusted to the current situation and we have achieved an increase that is the most important “.


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