The Colombian team of those who are not going to the Copa América 2024

The Colombian team of those who are not going to the Copa América 2024
The Colombian team of those who are not going to the Copa América 2024

You can not please everybody. There will always be some dissatisfied with the calls to the Colombian senior team. ‘That so-and-so was missing, that there is plenty of Sutano, that it is time for Borondonguito, that no more with Muchilanga’, that this and that, that whistles and flutes.

It is impossible to get everyone to agree on a matter that depends on the idea of ​​the game and style that the coach, the module and its functions want to impose. The football characteristics of the players, their performance, character, path, experience, discipline and personal and group behavior must be taken into account. Various edges according to the coach’s demands.

It is not enough to perform well in a club. It’s not that and nothing more. It depends on various situations and needs that each coaching staff studies.

Néstor Lorenzo, for example, does not care that Sebastián Gómez plays for Coritiba, a team in Brazil’s second division; nor that James Rodríguez plays little in Sao Paulo (this one is first class in the country of samba).

The Argentine who leads the national team surely weighs other considerations. Not all of them will be able to explain them to the media so as not to hurt sensitivities or threaten harmony within the group.

In any case, beyond the criteria of Lorenzo and any coach, which may be right or wrong, the results and the way the team plays will define it, they do not prevent the 51 million Colombians, who become coaches in eras of the National Team, launch your considerations and opinions on the pre-list of true helmsman for the Copa América.

In any case, there is no bed for so many people and only 26 players can be taken to the continental tournament that will be held from June 20 to July 14 in the United States. Lorenzo called 28 in his pre-selection, to face the friendly matches against the host team of the competition and against Bolivia. He should cross out two names after those games.

But he had already left out a sea of ​​options with which another team could be put together. In the sports editorial office of EL HERALDO we did that exercise.

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