massive resignations and complaints of a “coup d’état” in the midst of the fight between Macri and Bullrich

massive resignations and complaints of a “coup d’état” in the midst of the fight between Macri and Bullrich
massive resignations and complaints of a “coup d’état” in the midst of the fight between Macri and Bullrich

Mass resignations and denunciations of a coup d’état against the leadership of the Buenos Aires PRO occurred on Thursday afternoon in the middle of the strong internal relationship between Mauricio Macri and Patricia Bullrich for the leadership of the party and marking a strong crisis that has been accentuating since last year’s elections.

Twenty-four members of the 33 that make up the provincial board resignedleaving the leadership headless, which needs to have at least a third of the representatives and which was until now in charge of Daniela Reich, provincial legislator and also wife of the mayor of Tres de Febrero Diego Valenzuela.

Among the list of leaders who left the Buenos Aires board of directors The national deputies Cristian Ritondo, Diego Santilli and Martín Yeza, the mayor of Vicente López Soledad Martínez, the mayor of General Pueyrredón Guillermo Montenegro appear. and others who respond internally to the national PRO that Mauricio Macri has led for nine days.

The trigger was a meeting organized last weekend by Bullrich, Valenzuela and the libertarian legislator Sebastián Pareja, with a photo included, in what was read as an attempt by the Minister of Security to merge both forces at least at the Buenos Aires level.

After that, Macri set up a Zoom with his small table on Tuesday, to which he did not invite leaders close to Bullrich, like the national deputy Damián Arabia, who is one of the vice presidents of the national party. In addition, the former president lowered the order to withdraw from Reich’s leadership and promote a call for elections that would lead to Ritondo as a candidate for president of the party. Thus, 24 leaders left, and on Friday Javier Iguacel, a former ally of Bullrich, who negotiated that departure with Ritondo, will also join.

The decision was read as a “coup d’état” by bullrichism, taking into account that Reich’s leadership was guaranteed until 2026. “Mauricio set up a table with his friends’ club to impose Ritondo and decide on this coup d’état,” they said close to the current Buenos Aires army. Macrismo sources, on the other hand, assure that the decision had the endorsement of all the party leaders, such as leaders who respond to the Larretismo, for example Silvia Lospennato, and highlighted that it is the majority.

This is one more chapter in the midst of the internal conflict between Macri and Bullrich, which is increasingly raw, but which began in last year’s presidential elections, when the then presidential candidate questioned the former president for not publicly supporting her and for raiding her. thus the path to Javier Milei.

Now, how it would work, It is Bullrich who promotes a merger of parties and that is why he advanced with a meeting last weekend, together with Valenzuela and Pareja, in addition to other leaders who respond to the Minister of Security. In addition, Bullrich left the national leadership of the PRO at the beginning of the year and in his place Macri himself has just taken over, who after his first day at the head of the party he founded, published a message on the space’s Twitter account that said “We are back “. A clear message to the internal party.

The photo of the controversy, with Bullrich, Valenzuela and libertarian leaders.

What does the text of the resignations say?

The text presented to the Buenos Aires Council says the following. “The undersigned, members of the Provincial Board of Directors, We hereby inform you that we have resigned from our respective party positions for personal and political reasons that prevent us from continuing. with the originally assumed commitment. Copies of each of the resignations presented to the Provincial Board of Directors are attached.

We understand that there is a new political and social scenario in our Country with a direct impact on our Province that forces us, as leaders, to commit to reformulating our actions and giving a response in accordance with what our people ask and expect.

The link between political parties and civil society in recent times is complex, this being an unbeatable opportunity to adapt to the needs of the community and democracy, considering the role that our mayors, national deputies, provincial legislators, councilors and advisors schoolchildren have today in the new political reality of the districts and keeping in mind that the objective of our party is to ensure and know how to interpret the needs of the residents of our beloved Province.

It is a fundamental task of those of us who embrace the political vocation to listen and then represent, with responsibility and commitment, the will of our members to comply with the objectives of our Organic Charter.

In view of this, configuring the assumption provided for in section m) of Article 30 of our Organic Charter, this party body is requested to arbitrate the necessary means to carry out what is foreseen there.”

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