Fights between illegals in Remedios leave 10 dead so far

Fights between illegals in Remedios leave 10 dead so far
Fights between illegals in Remedios leave 10 dead so far

After reports of heavy fighting between illegal groups and the death of some of their members in the rural area of ​​Remedios, Northeast Antioquia, the authorities delivered a preliminary report on what happened.

The first to do so was Governor Andrés Julián Rendón who traveled to the Plaza Nueva village, in Remedios, accompanied by Major General Hernando Garzón Rey, commander of the N5 Joint Command and Colonel Carlos Martínez, commander of the Antioquia Police Department.

“Since last year there has been a confrontation between illegal armed groups, some posing as insurgents: Central General Staff of FARC and ELN dissidents; and others posing as counter-insurgents like the ‘Gulf clan’, in a clear dispute, This way they disguise their criminal actions as political,” said Rendón.

The sectional leader assured that these groups They want to control the territory and the illicit income from drug trafficking and derivadas from extortion to mining.

Commander Garzón, in an interview given to Noticentro 1 CM&, reported that judicial experts from the Prosecutor’s Office are rcarrying out the technical inspection of the bodies left on the roads after the fights between illegals and the number could exceed ten.

“We have intelligence information and we have reported nine so far, there may be ten, But that is a part that the forensic experts will provide once they carry out the survey,” assured the military high command.

He added that “this It is the product of the greed of all these criminal groups for keeping criminal income, illegal mining, drug trafficking and continuing to subjugate our national population.”

Due to the seriousness of what happened, the governor reported that an operations post was established commanded by the XIV Army Brigade, in collaboration with the Antioquia Police to carry out an operation against these organizations.

In the next few hours, when the urgent actions at the site where the bodies were found end, the authorities will provide details of what happened.

​Among the dead, as seen in published videos, They would be members of the Jairo Julio Hoyos substructure of the ‘Gulf clan’.


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