Contagion effect of the Misiones crisis, now in Corrientes they are protesting for higher salaries.

They ask for assets that at least reach the poverty line measured by Indec.

As expected, the situation in Misiones with protests by the police first and then by other state sectors questioned other public agents from other provinces who were dissatisfied with what they received in salaries.

Corrientes joined in tepidly and this Thursday had marches by some members of the security forces and teachers.

The police had been demanding the same things from the governor of Corrientes, Gustavo Valdés, as the missionary troops were demanding. They had even submitted a petition in which they warned about possible “joint actions due to the lack of response” to the salary claims.

The last increase announced by the Executive of that province was 15% in April and there is an amount withdrawn that breaks the poverty threshold. The average salary of police officers in Corrientes is $531,000. The basic basket today stands at $828,000.

In addition, the Single Union of Education Workers of Corrientes (Suteco) requested the Ministry of Education and the Treasury of Corrientes to urgently convene the salary negotiation table to discuss updating the May salary for teachers.

The union demanded “that the Initial Salary, at least, be equal to or exceed the Poverty Line. Today in Corrientes the Basic Salary for teachers is 112,000 pesos and the Initial Salary is 437,000 pesos with the two pluses, which is close to the Indigence Line,” explained the general secretary, Fernando Ramírez.


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