drizzle, winds and very low temperatures

drizzle, winds and very low temperatures
drizzle, winds and very low temperatures

There is still a month left until the official arrival of winter, but the weather already says otherwise.

For several days, the fog and humidity of the mornings penetrate any shelter. And at night, those who go out after 10 p.m., returning home after a day of work, feel the cold penetrating the soles of their feet, freezing their hands and forcing them to wear a hat, even though it is annoying for some. .

Although there were some warm middays, tonight the arrival of a cold front is expected that will leave thermometers frozen at a maximum of 10ºC.

Already in the early hours of the afternoon, the Andes area, Cachi, La Poma, Molinos, Cafayate, San Carlos registered a yellow alert for winds. The National Meteorological Service confirmed that the area was affected by winds from the west with speeds between 50 and 70 km/h with gusts that can exceed 100 km/h.

There will be no subzero

While the west of the province will continue with strong winds throughout the day tomorrow. Tonight, the city of Salta and the Lerma valley will already experience isolated rain and drizzle. And it is expected that dawn this Friday will be with a minimum of 4 degrees.

The prevailing humidity will not allow the low temperatures to be even stronger and the possibility of having the first frosts of the autumn-winter season is receding. Tomorrow the highs will be 10 degrees and will remain that way for almost the entire weekend.

Edgardo Escobar, meteorologist, added that temperatures for this national weekend – where the city and the valley of Lerma will also have an agenda full of cultural and religious activities – will remain low, but always with humidity present. “On Saturday the maximum will be 9°C and the minimum will be 4 again, the same as on Sunday,” added the climate specialist.

And the snow…

Although some drizzle is expected in Salta, there is no forecast for temperatures to drop to 0 degrees. “Yes, there may be some snowfall in the high areas of Campo Quijano, but in the valley of Lerma and the city of Salta, the conditions would not be met,” said Escobar, recalling that 14 years ago, when it snowed three consecutive days in the city, temperatures that remained below 0 degrees throughout the day.

For lovers of the cold, the weekend will be a day to enjoy, because in addition to having the cold, the city will have an agenda full of activities to celebrate a new anniversary of the May Revolution, and of course, the traditional festival from Sumalao.

And although there is no possibility of having some snow, the recommendation to take care of the cold, dress warmly and always carry a hot drink on hand, remains.

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