This is how the 28 for the Cup are

This is how the 28 for the Cup are
This is how the 28 for the Cup are
Colombia selection

Néstor Lorenzo’s team will work from May 27 in Barranquilla.

Jhon Córdoba, goal in Colombia vs Romania
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May 23, 2024, 08:46 p.m. m.

The uncertainty ended for many and the mourning began for others. Néstor Lorenzo has delivered the call for the Colombian National Team to aim for the 2024 Copa América title and the news but also the absences are the order of the day.

The Argentine has trusted the base with which he remains undefeated in 21 games (16 wins, 5 draws) but has surprised with names such as Miguel Borja, Matheus Uribe or Sebastián Gómez, but also absences such as Kevin Mier or Mateo Casierra. There is never one hundred percent approval when someone has to be marginalized from a national team…


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But are they all there? In fact, are they all there? To add to the controversy about the justice of this long-awaited call, we review the current events of all those selected. Take note:

Ospina surprises among the archers

Among the three goalkeepers the numbers are surprising: Ospina has only 4 fewer games than Vargas, who is the starter, and has 12 goals conceded compared to 31 for the man from Atlas and 27 for the man from Millonarios (25 games). He is, among the three, the least defeated.

Ospina, whom many question because he spent a year without playing due to a serious elbow injury, has better performance in precise passes and effectiveness in saves and only loses to Montero in won duels: 100 percent the guajiro, 71 percent the Antioquian. Vargas? He has only 50 percent in this area.

Compare the numbers of the archers here:

Magnifying glass to the defenders

It is striking that there are three players above 7 points: two exclusive figures in their leagues such as Muñoz in Premier and Lucumí in Calcio, and Santiago Arias, who had to change teams to Bahia in Brazil because he did not manage to stay in the MLS.

Cuesta, the undisputed starter, has played the same games as Dávinson, even though he lost prominence at the end of the season at Galatasaray and the one with the most continuity of all is Mojica, who earned the position when Machado and Borja were injured and He put the Copa América on the list.

The best passer is Lucumí, with an advantage, and the most difficult to overcome in the direct duel are Mina and Mosquera. The Cagliari defender, another one who changed teams to gain continuity, is the king of clearance and surpasses his friend Sánchez by more than twice as much. The good news is that all the defenders arrive with continuity, the bad news is that one of the two ‘headless’ for the Cup will surely come from this area.

Compare the defenders’ numbers here:

Overpopulation of midfielders?

Ten midfielders seems like too much, especially if you take into account that four of them have a creative profile (weakness in marking) and will surely provide one of the two discards for the Copa América.

Among all the ten, the one with the worst performance is Uribe, of course because he plays too little in Qatar due to physical problems. He only played 6 games, 15 for Lerma, 26 for Ríos, 9 for Castaño, the latter barely landing in Russian football that had a long break and that Gómez, who surprisingly has a pass accuracy of over 90 percent and more than 6 recoveries per match.

Among the creatives, James, the most indisputable, is the one who played the fewest games, in total 8 to 11 for Carrascal, 22 for Asprilla and 16 for Quintero. The worst is the one with the highest passing accuracy (84 percent), almost doubling the Watford youngster (48 percent).

Compare the numbers of the midfielders here:

Lime and sand between the forwards

Borja’s call is so fair that he literally scores goals and assists: 23 games, 167 goals and 3 assists make him the attacker with the greatest influence, surpassing Díaz (28-8-4) and Córdoba (11-6-2 ). Those with the worst performance are Borré, with 2 goals and an assist, and Sinisterra (1-2).

The master of dribbling is Díaz, of course, but he shares an accuracy of less than 50 percent with everyone, except Durán, who averages 58 percent, despite playing so little.

Compare the forward numbers here:

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