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The initiative, carried out by YPF and DGE, is aimed at teachers from 11 secondary and technical schools in Luján de Cuyo, and had its first face-to-face meeting this Thursday.

This Thursday, at school 4-091 Martín Miguel de Güemes, the first in-person meeting of the “You and Secondary Energy” program was held. Active methodologies for Meaningful Learning”, by the General Directorate of Schools (DGE) and Fiscal Oilfields (YPF), and which is intended for teachers from 11 secondary and technical schools in Luján de Cuyo.

Present at the opening were Adriana Yenarópulos, General Coordinator of Educational Policies of DGE; Leandro Rodríguez, responsible for Educational Cooperation; Maricruz Izuel, coordinator of Programs of the Educational Quality Planning Directoratefrom DGE, supervisors, directors, teachers and the technical team of the YPF Foundation, who was in charge of developing the activity.

The program proposes to support the transformation of secondary school, accompanying management teams and teachers to generate better conditions for teaching, learning and being in the classroom. It focuses on the project-based teaching and learning methodology, and seeks, at the same time, to share instances of collaboration between peers for reflection and strategy planning.

According to Vanesa Barreiro, Project Leader of the Education area of ​​the YPF Foundation, “this cycle of teacher training is made up of four modules or four months in duration, where contents linked to Biology, Chemistry and Physics will be covered, from the perspective of active methodologies and everything related to project-based teaching and learning, so that teachers can bring these types of methodologies to the classrooms that put students as protagonists of their learning, proposing different ways of approaching knowledge. , to science, and make sure that what they learn is meaningful for them.”

“This is a collaboration that the YPF Foundation makes towards the province of Mendoza in pursuit of improving the quality of learning. There are teachers who are training in Mathematics, others in Physics, and still others in Science. In that sense, we always aim to improve the quality of education and the continuous training of teachers,” added Yenarópulos.

It should be noted that the participating schools received from the YPF Foundation a laboratory kit with 50 work proposals for the classroom.

For her part, Belén Maturano, director of school 4-031 Doctor Francisco Correas, located in Chacras de Coria, commented that the teachers of the secondary institution are participating in the training of the YPF Foundation, “which means a great contribution to our establishment, as it is a project that will surely give good results and provoke enthusiasm and motivation in students to help the environment, and that is why we are very happy to be part of this initiative.”

“This training cycle was coordinated with the DGE for several years, and this program, in particular, is made up of the training cycles, on the one hand, and the energy clubs and everything that has to do with the development of educational content as, for example, occurs during this first face-to-face meeting, on the other. Then the course modules will be virtual, asynchronous and with the company of a tutor. Throughout the entire project, the teachers will carry out work linked to the laboratory kit, the contents, and what each one wishes to capture in order to create a proposal that will be useful for the classroom,” Barreiro concluded.

Source: DGE Press

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