This Friday, “Sary Arango Gaviria” blood donation day

This Friday, “Sary Arango Gaviria” blood donation day
This Friday, “Sary Arango Gaviria” blood donation day

‘Every drop counts’: this Friday, “Sary Arango Gaviria” blood donation day

  • In the event, which will be held at the Technological University of Pereira, massive participation of around 100 to 200 donors is expected.

Pereira, May 23, 2024. With the help of the Technological University of Pereira and the San Jorge University Hospital, the blood donation day will be held this Friday, May 24 “Sary Arango Gaviria”, in which the massive participation of the Rirasaldense community is expected.

With the motto ‘Every drop counts. Donate blood!’, The event will take place between 8:00 in the morning and 5:00 in the afternoon in Building 16C, adjacent to the Faculty of Health Sciences, with the goal of collecting between 300 and 400 blood components from voluntary donors.

Sara Pauline Hoyos Hanrry, bacteriologist at the Blood Bank “Aleyda Mejía de Ángel”, He recalled the importance of donating blood as a strategy to save lives and pointed out that each donated unit allows three patients to be treated, since three blood components are derived from it (red blood cells, plasma and platelets) that are essential to save the lives of patients in situations high risk due to trauma, accidents, fights that compromise bleeding, cancerous pathologies after chemotherapy, births with potential blood loss and a whole bouquet of possibilities according to the existing pathologies.

Hoyos Hanrry pointed out that in San Jorge, as a tertiary regional hospital, it has a great demand for blood components and performs an average of 700 transfusions per month, which gives an idea of ​​the needs that exist in this field.

The Blood Bank “Aleyda Mejía Ángel” It is the largest and most important in the Coffee Region, which implies that permanent and voluntary donation is required to be able to meet the requirements whose life is at high risk and depends, in large part, on a timely transfusion.

Blood donation day “Sary Arango Gaviria” It is carried out periodically in tribute to the memory of Dr. Arango, who from the Technological University of Pereira was an active promoter of community health and blood donation.

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