alert for early rains prior to the weekend’s polar wave

In the satellite image you can see that we continue with abundant cloudiness in the entire northern half of the country. Some weak and isolated rainfall occurs in our province. These conditions will persist into early Friday, with little change in temperatures.

Over the course of the day tomorrow the cloudiness will decrease, accompanying the entry of cold air that will lower temperatures. In this way, the weekend will have low temperatures in the mornings, with some frosts being possible where the wind remains calm, if the sky remains clear.

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If the wind does not calm down, frost will not occur, but the thermal sensation could be around 0º. This is valid for both Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Then, starting Tuesday, the wind will rotate to the northeast, favoring the entry of warmer air and raising temperatures. With this, we will reach the following weekend with minimums around 12° and maximums that would be around 20°.

Extended forecast

  • On Saturday we will continue with partly cloudy skies. Minimum temperature of 6°, maximum of 14° and light to moderate wind from the southeast.
  • On Sunday we will also have partly cloudy skies. Minimum temperature of 5°, maximum of 14° and light to moderate wind from the southeast.


Every day with a chance of some morning fog banks.


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