Enjoy Travel Group Promotes Accessible and Inclusive Tourism in Cuba with New Initiatives

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In a significant update held at the headquarters of the emblematic Hotel Nacional de Cuba, the vertical wholesale tour operator Enjoy Travel Group, in collaboration with the Ecotur agency, presented important news about accessible tourism on the island.

During the event, the recent entry of scooters into the country was highlighted, distributed in various heritage cities, spas and resorts. This initiative guarantees that tourists in situations of physical disability or reduced mobility can fully enjoy the attractions of Cuba, consolidating the island as an inclusive and accessible destination.

Leadership in Accessible Tourism

With this new offer, Enjoy Travel Group reaffirms its position as a leader in accessible tourism in the largest of the Antilles. The company continues to focus on the development of this type of tourism, adapting to the needs of all travelers and promoting inclusion in the sector.

Extensive Network of Air Connections and Multidestination Packages

Enjoy Travel Group has an air platform with more than 100,000 seats, including flights to key destinations such as Cancun, Mérida and the Dominican Republic. This offers travelers the possibility of multi-destination trips in the Caribbean, enjoying attractive packages and programs specially designed for the accessible market segment.

With these actions, Enjoy Travel Group and Ecotur reaffirm their commitment to accessible tourism, ensuring that all visitors, regardless of their abilities, can explore and enjoy the wonderful landscapes and rich culture of Cuba.

Global Expansion and Reach

Enjoy Travel Group’s global expansion is reflected in its growing network of destinations and its ability to adapt to the needs of a constantly evolving tourism market.

With a presence in multiple regions and a diversified offering of services, the company continues to set new standards in the tourism industry, guaranteeing exceptional experiences for all its clients around the world.

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