details of the gang that operated in Mendoza

details of the gang that operated in Mendoza
details of the gang that operated in Mendoza

Arms trafficking from the Province of Mendoza to Chile

The investigation began a year ago and in recent months the hounds were obtaining extremely important data to identify the members of the clan.

Federal police raid on weapons trafficking.jpeg

On December 20, two Chilean citizens were detained in Tucumán when they came to the Province of Mendoza with 8 firearms and 13 magazines..

With endless evidence, including telephone wiretaps and intertwining of financial movements, the justice system warned that There was a group of individuals – most of them truck drivers – who bought firearms in different neighborhoods of Mendoza and then smuggled them to Chile, in cargo transport and through the Cristo Redentor Pass.

These purchases were made in different neighborhoods of Maipú, City, Godoy Cruz and Luján de Cuyo, among others.

As the investigation progressed, detectives confirmed that the organization was larger than they expected. There were ramifications throughout the provincial territory and even in Brazil, where it is presumed that the suspects acquired the weapons in the triple border area.

In this way, the modus operandi was clarified and, above all, the enormous flow of money that the clan mobilized.

Federal firearms kidnapping.jpeg

Based on the transfers investigated, it was learned that the organization moved amounts of money that reached $120,000.

With all this information, Justice authorized 23 raids throughout the country. Most of the procedures were in the Province of Mendoza, but there were also operations in the north of the country and Buenos Aires.

The case is being investigated jointly by different federal courts. In our province, Federal Court 2 is in charge.


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