Fuerza Ciudadana expels two of its councilors for ‘treason’ and supporting Pinedo

Fuerza Ciudadana expels two of its councilors for ‘treason’ and supporting Pinedo
Fuerza Ciudadana expels two of its councilors for ‘treason’ and supporting Pinedo

This Friday, Fuerza Ciudadana issued a statement disavowing the participation of two of its councilors in the Santa Marta Council, after they voted in favor of initiatives promoted by the administration of Carlos Pinedo, which the community considers ‘illegitimate’ .

In the document they reiterate that they do not recognize the current mayor of the city, alleging that his election was the result of irregularities on the part of the “corrupt“District Scrutinizing Commission. In addition, they maintain that the real mayor is Jorge Agudelo, because “Samaritan citizens elected him overwhelmingly (…) for the period 2024-2027 with 85,616 votes“.

Our party does not recognize the usurper as the mayor of the city“, they stated. According to Fuerza Ciudadana, this position compromises the party’s bench in the District Council, who would refrain from participating, discussing, voting or legitimizing any initiative coming from the Pinedo administration.

Councilors Jeny García and Juan David Vergel were expelled for having participated and voted in favor of what the statement calls “illegitimate development plan.” According to the movement of former governor Carlos Caicedo, this plan not only reverses the progress made in previous years, but also “facilitates the sale of public assets and revives controversial projects.”

Likewise, they expressed that this represents a betrayal and that both councilors “They deliberately ignored, and for their own gain, the official position of the Party, mocking their voters and the trust placed by the leadership.“.

They warn that they will initiate the corresponding procedures to judge this action and the necessary actions will be carried out to defend the will of the citizens and the interests of the community.

Finally, they mention that they were “infiltrated by those who hypocritically raise the flags of progressivism, they get elected with the prestige of the left, but in the end they end up in communion with the right

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