The green visited the victims in Montebello, Antioquia

The green visited the victims in Montebello, Antioquia
The green visited the victims in Montebello, Antioquia

An emotional video presented by Atlético Nacional shows that there are already changes in the team that surely do not represent much economically, but socially it returns it to being a team of the people and for the people. The green visited the victims in Montebello.

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A delegation from the green paisa, led by Francisco ‘Pacho’ Maturana and Karina Valencia and Wendy Cárdenas from the women’s team visited the municipality of Montebello.

As will be remembered, that population in southwest Antioquia suffered the fury of nature with an impressive avalanche that left hundreds of victims.

The dramatic event took place on May 4, and after the event that shocked the country, it was reported that at least 30 families were affected.

The green visited the victims

The delegation reached that town thanks to the support of the Council and the municipal mayor’s office. At the same time they were accompanied by several companies.

Offcorss, Club Formas Íntimas, Nacho Lee and the FM, joined the cause of visiting the inhabitants and bringing a little of the purslane feeling to that population.

‘Pacho’ Maturana pointed out, during his visit, that “the true greatness of a team is its relationship with society.”

The historic and legend of the team, champion coach of the first Copa Libertadores, recognized that by doing this type of act he feels more like a fan of Nacional.

“Greatness is not only experienced from the trophy, but from the link with society, and institutional policies. At this moment, Nacional is giving recognition and respect to what makes it great, which is its fans.”

As soon as the video was published, the fans reacted immediately indicating that they feel new and good air inside the green country.

During the day the team and the companies that supported provided gifts for the fans, in a nice event in which there was also autograph signing.

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