This was the millionaire robbery in El Vergel

This was the millionaire robbery in El Vergel
This was the millionaire robbery in El Vergel

The residents of an open complex located in the Vergel sector in Ibagué experienced a night of terror when five armed men entered the place and carried out a million-dollar robbery. The criminals took cash and various valuables, with a loot that amounted to approximately 40 million pesos, according to the victim’s estimates.

The robbery occurred at night, when the thieves took advantage of the rear part of the residential complex, which adjoins a lot, to enter without being detected. Once inside, the criminals went to a house where only one minor was there, whom they gagged while they carried out the looting.


Echoes of Combeima

The situation became even more tense when the homeowner arrived unexpectedly. “When I arrived, they were at my house. Someone told them outside that I had arrived,” said the victim, who preferred to keep her identity confidential. Upon noticing her arrival, the criminals quickly left the scene.

Despite the scare and the material losses, the victim highlighted the prompt reaction of the Police, who were quickly present at the scene. However, she expressed her concern about the state of insecurity that exists both in the city and in the country.

The authorities have begun an exhaustive investigation of the incident based on closed-circuit television recordings, both from the affected home and the residential complex. It is expected that these images will provide valuable clues to identify and capture those responsible for the million-dollar theft.


The site is known as the ‘twin houses’


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