What will Javier Milei’s agenda be like on May 25?

This May 25, the president Javier Milei will participate in the traditional Tedeum in the Metropolitan Cathedral that will begin at 9.30. The Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge García Cuerva, will lead the liturgical ceremony in the historic Buenos Aires venue.

Friday, May 24, 2024, 17:07

The Tedeum in the Cathedral

At 8 o’clock the doors of the Cathedral will open and half an hour later guests will be able to enter. At 9, in the Hall of Busts of the Casa Rosada, the ministers and secretaries of State who make up the Cabinet will meet with the President.

Jorge Ignacio García Cueva, new Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

At 9:15 they will leave along Rivadavia Avenue walking together. The homily is expected to last about 50 minutes, although no details were revealed about its tone.

Friday, May 24, 2024, 16:58

After the ceremony in the Cathedral, travel to Córdoba

Between noon and 1 p.m., the president will leave for the province of Córdoba, where from 3 p.m. the event will take place to celebrate the national day on which the 214th anniversary of the May Revolution will be commemorated.

Although the signing of the so-called May Pact with the governors was cancelled, Milei will give a speech in Plaza San Martín in front of the Cordoban Town Hall.

May Act. Fenced in the pedestrian area due to the May 25 event with the presence of Javier Milei in Córdoba. (Pedro Castillo / The Voice)

He will be supported by members of his Cabinet and Martín Llaryora, the governor of the province. Two planes will travel: one with Milei and her closest entourage, the ARG 03, and another where Vice President Victoria Villarruel will go with some more ministers and other officials.

Friday, May 24, 2024, 16:59

A May 25 without an agreement

The May Pact, according to the head of state said a few days ago, was postponed “because the Base Law will not be in place.” In this sense, he argued that “there is no time for it to come out now. It can be done on June 20, or July 9”, and then point out that “fifteen more days, less, one more month, will not move the ammeter. “They are reforms that have to do with the long term.”

The date of June 20 is almost ruled out since that day Milei will still be traveling through Europe, where he will participate in the G 7 Summit – between the 13th and 15th – and then will receive two awards, one in Spain, on the 21st. next month, and another in Germany, 24 hours later.

Friday, May 24, 2024, 5:00 p.m.

A preview of May 25 with… changes in the cabinet?

“Our first management milestone would end with the outcome of the Bases Law, which may or may not turn out well. This situation will lead to the fact that, once that milestone has been marked, we have to evaluate the results. The entire Cabinet is under analysis, not just Posse,” said the President in television statements amid rumors about growing discontent with the Chief of Staff, on the line.

Emulating the famous phrase of his political nemesis, Cristina Kirchner, about “officials who do not work,” Milei said that, whether the Bases law is sanctioned or not, “what worked is evaluated and what did not is changed.”

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