“If people didn’t make ends meet they would have already died”

During his visit to the La Rural property in Buenos Aires, where he promised to eliminate withholdings for the agricultural sector, President Javier Milei He was approached by a man who questioned him about the complex economic situation.

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The situation occurred when the president was finishing the activity, in the street and surrounded by militants and a large number of journalists, as well as guards.

Over there, A man who was not identified reproached him in the midst of the tumult that “people don’t make ends meet, President.”

Milei, without hesitation, responded: “If people didn’t make ends meet they would be dying in the streets and that is false.”

“I’m telling you,” the man replied, claiming to perceive the economic difficulty firsthand. The head of state, far from repenting, advanced and answered: «And well, if he didn’t make ends meet he would have already died«.

Javier Milei assured that he will “eliminate the PAIS tax and then the withholdings, so that the countryside is free”

He president Javier Milei He assured agricultural producers gathered at a rural exhibition that he will “eliminate the PAIS tax and then the withholdings so that the countryside is free.”

Milei visited a breeding bull expo this afternoon. There he also spoke about the elimination of the dollar stocks.

“This sector is very important for the country,” Milei began his words and added: “We are working to eliminate the trap, when the bombs that the Kirchnerists left us are deactivated. There will be a free exchange rate, when the accounts begin to be recomposed, we are going to eliminate the Country Tax and we are going to eliminate withholdings so that the field is free.”


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