Correo Argentino, the final decision: Should it close or remain open?

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In last week’s march, signatures were gathered for the continuity of Correo Argentino. Photo Anahí Cárdena.

In that context, the General Secretary of the Union, Rafael Tropa He warned that “if we have to die, we are going to die standing and not kneeling” and at the same time he promised to “move heaven and earth” to reverse the situation.

Well, the sum of all those wills seems to have contributed to the Mail reconsider the controversial decision and respond favorably to the noble and just massive and popular demand.

Without a doubt, the large demonstration of hundreds of residents on Thursday of the week before the deafening cry of “Oro no se closing!” It did not go unnoticed in the eyes of the high authorities of that century-old institution.

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More than a hundred neighbors, the General Secretary of the union, the mayor and even Lavín were present at the march.

Thus an understanding was reached, a principle of agreement as revealed by the Troop in the last hours. “I met with the regional manager of the Post Office, Juan Pedro Servido, and Mayor Amati, an agreement was reached between both parties so that the office will not be closed and the workers will retain their source of employment.”he pointed out, as a scoop, the union member to LM Cipolletti.

A resounding news that will surely be greatly celebrated by everyone Gold and will occupy an important space on the agenda of the area’s media in the coming days.

“Everyone was surprised by the demonstration, by the support of the people in the middle of the cold on the day of the mobilization and of the community in general. Unconditional support also through social networks. We are very grateful to the management of the Secretary General, the mayor, the media, and Mariano Lavín himself – former communal chief and current auditor of the Housing Planning and Promotion Institute (IPPV) -. When the people come out it is something else. If this is confirmed, it is the triumph of the people,” a source linked to the Correo said in voiceover.

Review of the history of the possible closure of the Post Office

Weeks ago, the sad communication came to the head of the Oro headquarters that they were going to build the traditional headquarters located in Brentana and San Martinthe only one in that town.

The surprising and painful measure was a blow, a bucket of cold water for the workers, who felt the impact and were visibly distressed.

Meanwhile, the displays of support and gestures of solidarity from the neighbors multiplied, encouragement that reached its peak with the march to the agency. Likewise, the municipality supported the cause at all times by “flatly rejecting the closure, “This is going back 45 years.” and committed the Province to intercede.

The truth is that sometimes there are happy endings. The cards, precisely, were cast but in the last hand justice was done and for now, with provisional continuity, the people of Gold and the workers won the much disputed game. This news is worth Gold.


The employees smile again after this happy news.

The employees smile again after this happy news.

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