Italy and Cuba united through memorable works of art (+Photos)

The exhibition could be seen in the Universal Art Building where the Italian ambassador to Cuba, Roberto Vellano, recognized the “extraordinary” work of the museum, its director Jorge Fernández and the curator Niurka Fanego, in addition to all the people involved in the project.

I want to express my admiration for how they manage this museum, an institution with two large headquarters, with its permanent collections, with its temporary exhibitions, and theater activities, commented the diplomat.

As we all know, managing a museum is never an easy task, and it is even less so in the current and complex circumstances of the country, and the effort must be recognized, he added.

That is why we are also proud every time we have the opportunity to collaborate with the Museum of Fine Arts as on this occasion gathered here, said Vellano.

The ambassador referred to the common thread of the exhibition «Journey to Italy. Landscape and memorabilia”, whose center is in the natural and urban landscape, in the various periods and with the multiple techniques of Italian art during the 17th to 19th centuries.

It is something that began to flourish, he indicated, in the Renaissance and continued later with the resurgence of classical-Greco-Roman culture and with the development of science and travel, he recalled.

One of the functions of those itineraries was to give the traveler a concrete memory of the Italian landscape, said the ambassador of the European country.

The exhibition also focuses on the autonomy of landscape as an artistic genre and the role that the Italian school of painting had in this.

In this sense, the opportunity presents itself to contribute to the enhancement of the institutional Italian Art Collection, since it has a high representativeness of the landscape subgenres, established by tradition throughout the aforementioned centuries.

Going through the perspective architectures, the mountain landscape, the ruins, the urban views and other elements, the institution’s statement outlined.

On Saturday the opening of another of the projects will take place, the exhibition «See Italy and live. Experiences of “the sublime” in contemporary Cuban art”, which will remain open until September 15 of this year.

The inauguration this May 25 can be seen in the Permanent Room of Italian Art, of the Universal Art Building.


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