Who is Maxi Espíndola, pointed out as Tini Stoessel’s new love: “Very close”

In the midst of a great musical moment and focused on her artistic career, Tini Stoessel It was in the news again in the last few hoursthis time because, according to reports, he would already have a new love interest: Maxi Espíndola.

The information was provided by the journalist Paula Varelawho on the air of Socios del Espectáculo on Channel 13 indicated that the singer He is in a “relationship that has been going on for a while” and started as a friendship but that “is transforming into love.”

It was there that he revealed that The “man who is with Tini now is called Maxi Espíndola.”

And he reported: «The friendship relationship is transforming into full-fledged love. And I have dates and places. On April 6, that is, it has been more than a month, They were together on a boat in Miami, where they thought no one saw them, but it seems someone saw them and it transcended«.

The panelist cited witnesses from that meeting, where “they were seen to be very close, he seemed very accommodating to her, very loving.”

«Another day on a beach his friends were making a round and they were in the middle of the group. There was Agustín Bernasconi, and a girl named Lelé Pons who became intimate and very close to Tini. There is a romance, I saw them holding hands, they saw them hugging. “In Mexico they also saw them together,” said Varela and added to demonstrate the detail of his version: “He dyed his hair the same color as her. He just arrived from abroad and they are already here together«.

The story of Maxi Espíndola, the young man pointed out as Tini Stoessel’s new love

Maxi Espíndola, young singer of Mymade his media debut in 2012 with Bernasconi, in the version of Soñando por canto by El Trece. The group did not manage to prevail in the reality show, but Cris Morena decided to summon them for Aliados, where they shared a cast with Oriana Sabatini and Julián Serrano, and gave shape to MyA.

In June 2021, thanks to the success of “2:50”, the duo released a new remixed version with Duki and Tini, where, they claim, the love story with Maxi would have begun.

With information from Paparazzi and El Trece

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