Estrella gave the big blow

Estrella gave the big blow
Estrella gave the big blow

On a cold night in San Juan and in the Estrella stadium, but playing at home against Ñocaico, there was a great match between Estrella and Inca Huasi.

The second in the standings crossed with the seventh and what was presumed did not happen because Estrella had a notable game from the successes on offense but above all a demanding mark on the throwers, especially Pancho Palacio.

Estrella’s tight victory was 67 to 62 and had Valentín Ortega as the red-and-white scorers with 24 points, followed by Matiás Vargas with 12.

In Inca, the scorers were Santiago Palacios with 15 and his brother Pancho with 12.
The rematch will be played next Thursday at 10:00 p.m. in Estrella’s stadium and they will be the locals and if they repeat the victory they will be semi-finalists.

In another of the quarterfinal matches in the first leg, Urquiza won comfortably over UVT, whom he gave a tremendous beating 80 to 32.

Urquiza’s scorers were Federico Bustos with 20, Lisandro Diaz 13 and Emanuel Cabañas with 10. On the UVT side, the scorers were Jorge Reus with 9 and Juan Carlos Zabala 6.

The rematch goes at UVT on Thursday, May 30.
Ausonia, which finished third in the regular phase, beat Hispano 75 to 65 and was 1 to 0 in the series.

The Italiano’s scorers were Nito Romero with 19 and Ismael Terluk with 13. On the Hispano side, the top scorers were Marcos Molina with 19 and Julian Paz with 16.

The rematch will be on Friday, May 31 at 10:00 p.m.

The fourth match of the quarterfinal series will be played tonight between Villa Lanteri and Jáchal BC from 8:00 p.m.


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