Colombian Prosecutor’s Office accuses Álvaro Uribe of three crimes – DW – 05/25/2024

Colombian Prosecutor’s Office accuses Álvaro Uribe of three crimes – DW – 05/25/2024
Colombian Prosecutor’s Office accuses Álvaro Uribe of three crimes – DW – 05/25/2024

The Colombian Prosecutor’s Office accused Álvaro Uribe before a judge of the crimes of bribery, procedural fraud and bribery in criminal proceedings, for which the former Colombian president formally became a defendant this Friday (05/24/2024) in the case of alleged bribery of witnesses and procedural fraud.

It is the first time that the Prosecutor’s Office presents charges against Uribe (2002-2010), which were accepted by the 44th criminal judge of Bogotá, Sandra Liliana Heredia, who ruled that “from this moment (the former president) acquires the status of accused”.

According to the judge’s decision, the process against Uribe begins formally and if the head of the Democratic Center is found guilty, he could face a sentence of between 6 and 12 years in prison.

The accusation occurs after the togada denied the request for annulment of the process against the former president, considering it “absolutely inadmissible”, so “its rejection is imposed outright, a decision against which no appeal is admissible.”

Likewise, the judge accepted as victims of the case the leftist senator Iván Cepeda and the former attorneys general Jorge Perdomo and Eduardo Montealegre, as well as Deyanira Gómez, ex-wife of the paramilitary Juan Guillermo Monsalve, involved in the case.

Case that started in 2012

The long lawsuit dates back to 2012 when Uribe, who was a senator, sued Cepeda for alleged witness tampering, who at that time was preparing a complaint in Congress against him for alleged links to paramilitarism.

Contrary to Uribe’s expectations, the Supreme Court of Justice did not open an investigation against the left-wing congressman and, instead, initiated proceedings against the former president for witness manipulation.

The bribery accusation has to do with the alleged payment of bribes to Carlos Enrique Vélez and Juan Guillermo Monsalve, who are imprisoned in the Palmira and La Picota prisons in Bogotá, respectively.

Monsalve, a former paramilitary, assured that there was a whole strategy to approach him and convince him to testify against Cepeda.

The former president has been insisting for years that this is a case against him that is politically motivated and lacks evidence.

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