Milei, at Luna: long live national and liberal rock

Milei, at Luna: long live national and liberal rock
Milei, at Luna: long live national and liberal rock


All my life I admired the wisdom of popular sayings. How much science, philosophy and street contains, for example, “Flies don’t enter a closed mouth”, Javi Milei’s favorite. Cristina leans toward “he who makes it pays.” Albert? “No one is a prophet in his land.” No sentence is more accurate than “the world is a handkerchief”: you can find Lijo defending himself against horrible accusations in the Council of the Judiciary and also preparing his entry as a judge of the Court. This week another classic came to mind: “In bad weather… we took over Luna Park.”

Someone might object to the order of the factors. The President’s recital was thought about long before Indec reported that the March GDP plunged into the depths: a collapse of 8.4%. There is no reason for the claim: we already knew that Toto Caputo had taken Economic Activity to March. Could Javi change minister? No, matter. He considers that this embarrassment is more than compensated by the successes in the fight against inflation, in the reduction of the deficit and in the ferocity of the adjustment, “the largest in the history of humanity”, an unappealable definition. It would be a master Siruela to reproach Titan Toto for the fact that construction has slowed down by 30%; industry, 19.6%, and commerce, 16.7%. Don’t worry, that was two months ago. There is no evil that lasts 100 years.

If I talk about unstable weather it is because suddenly the ducklings broke line. I left the country for two days and when I returned we were at war with Spain, the Government had aborted – or voluntarily interrupted the gestation – of the May Pact, the blue showed its temperament, the caste became strong in the Senate to stop the Bases Law and, uh, what a pain, Javi was accused of having plagiarized entire paragraphs in his book. Let’s start with this, given the seriousness of the accusation. If it is true that he copied other authors, it was an act of incredible generosity: those guys, illustrious unknowns, They never imagined that a president was going to make them participate in a monumental best seller. In everything else – anti-colonial war with Spain, Moncloa II Pact, Bases Law and dollar – I clearly see the long arm of Kirchnerism. Yes, there are those populists obstructing, muddying, hating having been fired by a liberal populist trending topics. A dead king, a king.

Some things, let’s recognize, are not attributable to the Instituto Patria. Victim of ferocious inmates, the Chief of Staff, Nicolás Posse, is already distributing his CV among headhunters. No point: CEOs have a hard time pretending to be politicians. Did Karina have her sights on him? The big fish eats the small one.

With that dark brown panorama, aggravated by the protests in Misiones, it is logical that Santi Caputo, the marketing guru who emerged (and was fired as a rogue) from Durán Barba’s hotbed, thought about turning the book presentation into a great heavy metal festival. If your client is “a real Stone,” as his biographer calls the President, add paraphernalia, fill the stands, put a microphone on it and long live the rock. Luna Park will now be able to proclaim: Frank Sinatra, El Potro Rodrigo and Javier Milei sang here; Bonavena, Karadagian, Monzón and Milei fought here; Perón, Evita and Milei made history here; Here the forces of heaven descended: John Paul II and Milei. God raises them and the Moon brings them together.

It is true: without meaning to, a typically Kirchnerist act came out of them. Libertarians, don’t jump on me! I just said that was not the intention. Of course, I was at the stadium. I watched the performance of Javi, the king of the jungle, and had reminiscences of the great performances of the queen of Tolosa. The Hollywood centrality of the charismatic leader, a uniformed cabinet willing to make the sacrifice of laughing and applauding, the interaction of the speaker with the audience, the self-referential and teaching reflection, the histrionics, the winks loaded with intentionality, the cameras focusing on the guests at the table of the Lord, the incomprehensible speech that draws applause and tears. Javi, if I see Wednesday’s show as a silent movie I guess you didn’t miss a single national channel, or the guru didn’t miss them. That’s what I like about you: you stuck with the formulas that worked for the lady; magic to make crowds fall in love, orality and story as sources of all reason and justice. For having tuned the liberal creed until it became a hit that competed in ratings with Big Brotherand be cover of time, you already earned heaven. Of course, if the film has sound the differences are brutal: you spent 15 minutes praising monopolies, a fair vindication of concentrated powers. But far from eating glass: when the prepaid companies were cartelized, you threw the State at them. Don’t look at what I say, but at what I do. Sorry, sorry, it’s not a popular saying: Néstor said it.

In bad weather, let Javi sing at the Luna. Music appeases the beasts.H.H

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