Where snow is going to fall in Neuquén due to intense polar cold: alert for this Saturday and situation in Río Negro

Snow is going to fall in Neuquén this Saturday thanks to the polar cold that entered the region. Snowfall will reach places where it is not so common to see it. In addition, the weather conditions will last throughout the weekend, with practically constant rain, both for Neuquén and Río Negro. Both Neuquén and Río Negro will be surrounded by provinces with extreme temperatures such as Chubut and La Pampa, but the National Meteorological Service (SMN) did not issue a warning this Friday for our region.

He snowfall alert was issued by the National Meteorological Service (SMN).

It was indicated that The area will be affected by snowfall of varying intensity, at locally strong moments.

Values ​​of accumulated snow between 10 and 15 cm, and can be overcome in a timely manner. The highest values ​​are expected in the highest elevation areas. Likewise, the occurrence of mixed rain and snow in the lower areas is not ruled out.

He alert applies to the entire central strip of the province of Neuquénalthough its extension varies over time between the north and the south.

In the case of Añelo, northern Neuquén, Chos Malal, Loncopué, The alert applies during the early hours and morning of Saturday the 25th.

For Zapala, Aluminé and the entire area, The alert was announced for the morning and afternoon of Saturday.

Snow alert in Neuquén: what happens in the Alto Valle with the polar cold

According to the Interjurisdictional Authority of Cuencas (AIC), in the Upper Valley increases the probability of
Precipitation during the afternoon of Saturday and Sunday, added to the formation of frost. Conditions improve on Monday the 27th.

In the Mountain range unstable periods were forecast with rain and snowfall which may extend to cities and mountain routes during the weekend. White wind was also announced.

In The Grottoes and the coastal area periods were announced cloudy and unstable with precipitation scattered. Southeast winds. Cold. Variable cloudiness during the weekend.


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