National Board of Firefighters of Chile speaks out for “colleague” arrested for Valparaíso fires

The National Board of Fire Brigades of Chile has officially communicated its knowledge of the recent arrest of a firefighter belonging to the 13th Company of the Valparaíso Fire Brigade.

This arrest is part of the investigation that the Public Ministry and the Investigative Police (PDI) are carrying out for the devastating forest fire that affected the communes of Valparaíso, Viña del Mar, Quilpué and Villa Alemana last February.

The Chilean Firefighters Institution has expressed its firm repudiation of any action that could have caused this tragedy, which resulted in the unfortunate loss of 137 lives and left 16 thousand people affected. “If it is definitively established that a Chilean firefighter participated in these events, it will be a deeply regrettable event that will unite us even more in the pain of the affected families,” the official statement says.

Since the beginning of the emergency, Chilean Firefighters have shown complete willingness to cooperate with the investigations of the Public Ministry and the PDI. The institution has actively participated in the fire control efforts, saving lives and protecting property, in addition to collaborating with technical investigations into the origin and causes of the incident.

The fire not only left a tragic toll in human lives, but also resulted in injured firefighters and the loss of material belonging to different Fire Departments. In this context, the institution will become part of the ongoing judicial process as a plaintiff.

Firefighters of Chile has reaffirmed its commitment to continue responding professionally to the needs of the community. Likewise, they have strongly condemned any improper action or behavior, and even more so, any criminal act within their ranks. “We commit to a strong rejection and sanction against those who, with their actions, have deviated from the sole purpose of public service that guides us,” the statement concludes.


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