Teachers protest against new health model

Teachers protest against new health model
Teachers protest against new health model

The teachers of the Atlantic They met him on the third day of protests at the headquarters of the Fiduprevisorain Barranquilladue to the poor implementation of the new teacher health model.

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For this occasion, the voices that were heard were those of the teachers of St Thomas, Loneliness and other municipalities.

Aura Salazar, teacher of Field of the Crossmentioned that it has been affected by the cancellation of appointments by the new service provider.

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“I had some medical exams that were transferred from the General Clinic of the North to the new entity and now here they tell me that there is no agenda for me to do them, it has been more than a month and I find it difficult to access good health service again” , he declared.

In turn, teacher Linda Pava requested that there be free choice for the health provider.

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“The new provider does not have enough offices and laboratories to meet the demand of all teachers in the Atlantic. We need Fiduprevisora ​​to at least give us the possibility of choosing which IPS provides us with the service,” she said.

On the other hand, Marinelda Salas, director of the Atlantic Teachers Association, commented during her speech at the front of the sit-in that there is “sabotage” with the health care of teachers in Santa Lucía and Suan.

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“We have to denounce that the care service in Campo de la Cruz, which provides care service to these two municipalities, does not have a first-level care center, as if the Clínica del Norte had for all these teachers.” , he highlighted.

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