Drama of displaced people in Cauca: “If they don’t protect those with money, even less one who is poor”

Drama of displaced people in Cauca: “If they don’t protect those with money, even less one who is poor”
Drama of displaced people in Cauca: “If they don’t protect those with money, even less one who is poor”

In Cauca, FARC dissidents are not only forcing farmers to grow coca. Threatened, many of them claim that they have nothing to live on because their business has collapsed.

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“My dad suddenly worked with coca, because “He had the intention of buying a house for my brother and me and my mother,” said a victim displaced by violence.

The family house never arrived and today This woman is a victim of the war that led her to move from the municipality of El Tambo, in Cauca. “As they killed him, well, we also had to leave where we were living,” said the young woman.

Today, although she is far from illegal, she continues to be threatened by these groups, who, according to her, have managed Cauca to their liking, and she has been left alone, as they say.

“God’s protection only because, well, If they don’t protect people who have money, who are high-ranking, they will protect someone who is poor.“he noted.

She is another of the victims of the illegality that moves in this department, as are the merchants who do 40 years of fighting against the coca leaf that transformed the economy.

“It is very difficult for formal people to sustain themselves in that market, those who can are leaving. “Small, medium, and large companies are leaving our department,” said Isabel Ramírez, president of the Association of Educational Institutions of Cauca.

This trade in illegality generated another concern, that of young people, because more and more do not want to study. Some find it more profitable to scrape coca and earn more in three days than they would receive for a month of work.

How many illicit crops are there in Cauca?

According to figures from the Integrated Illicit Crops Monitoring System (SIMCI), Cauca has the area with the most illicit crops in the world.

16,000 hectares cultivated only in the Micay Canyon, controlled by the FARC dissidents. The same group that, with blood and fire, defends the control of these territories that are strategic for the illegal business.

“Continue to affect the drug trafficking economy to a greater extent in the department to suffocate their oxygen, their economic capacity, at the same time we attack and hit the armed structures,” said General Érick Ramírez, commander of the Southwestern Joint Command.

For this panorama, The Government requires dissidents to abandon illicit economies before any peace negotiation, while maintaining its military strategy in the face of the terrorist escalation, but also a social plan that seeks to get farmers to substitute crops, for which, among other things, They distribute seeds for other products.

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