There is no room in the shelters and more and more people are living on the streets in Neuquén

There is no room in the shelters and more and more people are living on the streets in Neuquén
There is no room in the shelters and more and more people are living on the streets in Neuquén

When she saw them, she approached to talk with them and noticed that Josefina was there, a woman who lived outside the Cathedral for many years and knew her. She told him angrily that they were in the central park and that a van approached, that they couldn’t tell if it was from the police or the government and they told them that they had to move them because there was “a very important meeting with the mayor in the museum and They didn’t have to be visible, therefore they moved them those four blocks and left them there. That was her response, she was quite desperate,” she said about what the woman told her.

People in a street situation (2).JPG

The group of people previously lived behind the MNBA.

Maria Isabel Sanchez

From this situation, Brenda began the search to find a shelter, where they told her that there is no place and that by chatting with them she learned that some people sincerely do not want to go to the shelter and that there are also minors and elderly people.

“I have received responses from several institutions in places that tell me that they have already been offered it and that many do not want it, because it is very difficult for people who are homeless because They are on drugs a lot, drunk, so they become aggressive and it is very difficult for them to want to go to an institution where they are very controlled,” he explained.

Volunteers in the streets

The social drama that is seen in many corners of the city of Neuquén is not new, but was worsened by the economic crisis and with the number of people who arrive from other provinces in search of work and do not find it.

Those who have the most precise x-ray of what is happening in the streets are the members of Red Solidaria Neuquén and also other organizations with whom they carry out the volunteer work that this Thursday night went out to distribute food supplies for homeless people.

Alberto Cámpora, Coordinator of Red Solidaria in Neuquéntold LU5 that every time they go out they encounter a strong scene, with many kids on the street.

“No one wants to live like this and the situation that governs the street is the presence of toxic substances, alcohol and drugs and you also find cases in which, at least according to what they say, they could not pay the rent or they fell into that misfortune because they separated or because their father kicked them out for family reasons, but I would tell you that in a very high percentage what you see on the street is a question of lack of health“he assured.

People on the street Red Solidaria Volunteers.jpg

Volunteers from Red Solidaria, ready to go out to distribute food through the streets of Neuquén.

Regarding people who refuse to leave the streets, Cámpora assures that it is not a decision that they can handle themselves and that “some tell you that they want to get out, others say that they are fine where they are. And in that it is important that between the municipal government, the provincial government and the different institutions, to carry out professional intervention on certain issues”.

Regarding the way they work and lend a hand, he explained that it is together with friends and people who join in, and not with “public officials” since “it is the policies” that harm the actions they carry out, such as management changes. “We have links with security, with the SIEN, with health, with the municipality, with the province, with people who work there and are concerned. What happens is that there is no policy, it is not on the agenda“he highlighted.

The lack of new shelters is one of the great failures since in Neuquén there are only 60 beds and all are occupied according to the information provided by Cámpora.

How many people live homeless? It’s a hard number to know.. There are many more than is believed since only On Thursday night, volunteers distributed 135 meals.

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