Córdoba is the headquarters of the National Horse Riding Championship in the Fair Coliseum

More than 250 athletes from 15 departments will compete from Friday, May 24 to 26, at the Miguel Villamil Fair Coliseum in Montería, to achieve a place on the Colombian Horse Riding Team.

The XV National Horse Riding on Gaited Horses ‘Jorge Arturo Arbelaez Guisao’ will be held with the support of the governor of Córdoba, Erasmo Zuleta Bechara, through Indeportes, headed by Luis Aldana Dumar.

“The track of the Miguel Villamil Fair Coliseum will be the setting for the XV National Horse Riding event in which more than 250 athletes, from 15 departments, will seek a place on the Colombian National Team. This historic event in Montería will take place on May 24, 25 and 26, and based on the results the Colombian National Team will be formed,” said Aldana Dumar, who added that “we have all the categories and will also have a space for fans. With the support of our governor, Erasmo Zuleta Bechara, through Indeportes Córdoba, we will take our athletes to another level.”

The competition will be divided into competitions of Amazon Pre – Infant B Amazon Pre – Infant A Riders Pre – Infant B Riders Pre – Infant A Junior Cognitive Para-Equestrians Minor Physical Para-Equestrians Senior Cognitive Para-Equestrians Senior Physical Para-Equestrians Junior Amazons B Junior Amazons A Junior Riders B Junior Riders TO; Athletes will also participate in Children’s Amazons B Children’s Amazons A Children’s Riders B Children’s Riders A Cabresteritas Cabresteritas, Amateur Amazons IB Amateur Amazons IA Amateur Riders IB Amateur Riders IA Amateur Amazons II Amateur Riders I and Mini Amazons Mini Riders Youth Amazon B Youth Amazon A Youth Riders B youth riders A amateur Amazons III amateur riders III.

During the three days of competition, the day will begin with a theoretical test starting at 8:30 am. The inauguration and presentation of Awards to the Best was scheduled for Saturday the 25th at 4:30 pm.

From the organization of the competition, the lines (301) 417 4229 – (300) 865 7013 were enabled to provide more information to athletes and the general public.

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