A big daddy to “welcome” Milei | Córdoba prepares to receive the President

A big daddy to “welcome” Milei | Córdoba prepares to receive the President
A big daddy to “welcome” Milei | Córdoba prepares to receive the President

“I came to celebrate National Day with President Javier Milei,” announced the Office of the Presidency through its social networks. The appointment is from 2 p.m. in Plaza San Martín, Cabildo de Córdoba. In parallel, The people of Cordoba are preparing a “welcome” for him and this noon in that square in the center of Córdoba capital they carried out a “daddy” handing out fries in cones that said “The country is not for sale”, “Milei culiadazo”.

The phrase that qualifies Milei with the Cordoban adjective par excellence is part a cultural collective that has been growing in the Mediterranean province and spreading its interventions through social networks. “Because the May Pact means handing over Argentina”they denounced from social networks to call on the citizens of Córdoba to join the repudiation actions.

In advance of the arrival of the Head of State to the province, where he expected to sign the May Pact and will end up carrying out an act without a pact, Graffiti with the message “Milei culiadazo” began to appear in the streets of Córdoba.this noon they carried out the “papafritazo” and on social networks they released a video displaying a flag with the same message in the Arco de Córdoba and other symbolic places in the provincial capital.

This is not the first action carried out by this group, but they had already repeated the street interventions on March 24, with the message “There were 30 thousand”, when posters also appeared calling out Vice President Victoria Villaruel, spokesperson for the denialist crusade. of the national government. On April 23, they carried out a second action to accompany the “Federal University March” in which public places intervened with the phrase “Coming soon closed due to lack of budget.”


This will not be the only action that Córdoba is preparing to receive Milei. The Association of State Workers (ATE) announced that it is preparing a blocking of the main entrances to the provincial airport and the roads that connect it with Plaza San Martín. The union declared the head of state “persona non grata” for “his adjustment policies and constant grievances against the State.”

“The President was frustrated in signing the pact, but he should not even be able to carry out an act calmly. The President must know that he is not welcome in any province. With his policies, he is destroying them all,” denounced the Secretary General of ATE, Rodolfo Aguiar. Other unions from the two CTA and the CGT are also expected to accompany the demonstrations.

Due to the location of the Historic Town Hall, it is expected that the center of Córdoba will be, due to the implementation of the security device, practically armored for demonstrations. The headquarters chosen by the Presidency has a lot of history behind it. Erected in 1610, it was the headquarters of the colonial government, the police and is currently the headquarters of the Municipality’s Secretariat of Culture.

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