The clues behind the alleged attempt to murder Jorge Luis Alfonso López, the son of ‘La Gata’

The clues behind the alleged attempt to murder Jorge Luis Alfonso López, the son of ‘La Gata’
The clues behind the alleged attempt to murder Jorge Luis Alfonso López, the son of ‘La Gata’

The attack that left two murdered in a Barranquilla clinic and that it would be directed to Jorge Luis Alfonso Lópezson of the condemned Enilce Lopezin the last few hours has put on the table a series of hypotheses that the authorities are using and that lead to possible disputes over power in that region of Colombia.

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In security cameras analyzed by CTI agents of the Prosecutor’s Office and the National Police, it was recorded that the squad of 11 men entered Mediclinic -where the events occurred- around 11:23 in the morning on Thursday, and the sequence allows us to identify that eight of them went up with pistols and rifles to the fourth floor and killed Eduar Yesid Montero, bodyguard of Jorge Luis Alfonso, alias El Gatico , already Edelmiro Anaya, former paramilitary with the alias El Chino Anaya and convicted of the murder of Eudaldo Díaz, former mayor of El Roble, Sucre.

The line of investigation that immediately emerged is that they were after the head of ‘El Gatico’, convicted of the murder of journalist Rafael Enrique Prinsand whom the Government appointed as peace facilitator on December 22, 2022, which led to a controversial release ordered by a judge on February 2, 2023, in which the Executive distanced itself by saying that it had not requested it.

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This is the moment when the hitmen enter the clinic.


Finally, López’s role as facilitator was removed and he was sent home to prison until he entered Mediclinica due to health problems – among them diabetes – on last December 12. One of the clues is that he was saved from the shots because the room he was in apparently has an armored door that the hitmen could not access, so they attacked the bodyguard and the former paramilitary.

Hours later, this version was added to the fact that they were actually going to finish off ‘El Chino Anaya’, who had recently suffered two attacks, one of them on May 4 in the Atlantic capital, when The hitman’s gun jammed and he couldn’t shoot him.. However, in the last hours in Barranquilla another version is being used.

Turn in the investigation?

Moments when the bodies of the shooting victims are removed.

Photo:Leonardo Herrera TIME

EL TIEMPO learned that part of the reasons for the cancellation are due to the fact that another hypothesis had entered the investigation. Everything indicates that Jorge Luis Alfonso López “needed to create a distraction” to change his situation and ensure that he was kept imprisoned in a suitable place, despite the fact that on May 3, judge 6 of the city’s Execution of Sentences, through of Act 358, revoked the measure of house arrest and He was sent to prison once a doctor discharged him.

“He needed to make a strategy to remain firm in the designation of peace manager and the only thing he could do was demonstrate that they want to kill him for what he says he knows. The hypothesis that is opened is that son of ‘La Gata’ and his men would have designed the attack and needed a decoywhich in this case was ‘Chino Anaya,’” a source told EL TIEMPO.

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This is the woman who accompanied the hitman commando.

Photo:Private file

Such a scenario entered the investigation after analyzing “the lack of experience of the group of hitmen who participated in the raid. “This denotes that they could meet their supposed objective and still did not meet it.” And after the squad’s escape, the authorities found two cars in which they were transported, finding in one of them rifles, a blue bag, another blacka Police vest and a cell phone, items in the possession of the agents.

At the same time, the source highlighted that in the anticipatory intelligence work “there were no alerts about the purchase of weapons, the arrival of people from outside, the interception of calls, or meetings that suggested that there could be a criminal action between two gangs, hence It could be assumed that it was something planned by the same group”.

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In one of the videos being analyzed it can be seen that the woman who helped the hitmen, minutes before the attack, had been talking to Alfonso López’s bodyguards. Another clue that supports the hypothesis is that the original videos of the event reached the media long before they reached the hands of the investigators.

Mediclinic, place where the attack occurred.

Photo:Vanexa Romero/ El Tiempo

That hypothesis that would give a turn to research There is also another issue that the police and the prosecutor’s investigators are seeking to establish, and that is whether it is due to a statement that those involved were giving to the authorities, linked to crime on the Caribbean coast.

On the other hand, at noon on Friday, the Barranquilla Police announced a raid in the La Esmeralda neighborhood -southwest of the Atlantic capital-, which resulted in the capture of two people and the seizure of a AK-47 rifle, 64 5.56 cartridges, 157 7.62 cartridges and three suppliers. The authorities are investigating whether it is related to the attack against Jorge Luis Alfonso López.

Jorge Luis Alfonso López, son of Enilce López, better known as ‘La Gata’. stock photo

Photo:Archive. TIME

The future of ‘the Cat’

Given the hitman attack, the Police and Inpec were present in the area to monitor ‘El Gato’, whom they had been inspecting weekly. For the moment, the entity told EL TIEMPO that once he is discharged from the hospital, he has been hospitalized for five months. They are going to send Jorge Luis A. López to prison, which would be El Bosque, in Barranquillabut due to the classification of his criminal profile it could be another.

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The question that arose was why at the time of the attack there were no guard personnel and instead there were bodyguards for the condemned man. In fact, from the Attorney General’s Office, the delegate for human rights, Javier Sarmientosent a letter to the director of Inpec, Daniel Gutierrezasking him about the transfer to Mediclinica, the security of the detainee and if López “had informed his entity of any situation of threat to his integrity”following the hypothesis of an alleged attack against him, which occurred in a clinic that would have long-standing links with his family.

And one of the shareholders, until 2021, was Ruben Darío Lanaowho appears as one of the partners of one of the companies that caused the dismissal of ‘el Gatico’ for 18 years as mayor of Magangué.

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