Let nothing distract us from the fundamental task: ensuring the well-being of the people › Cuba › Granma

Let nothing distract us from the fundamental task: ensuring the well-being of the people › Cuba › Granma
Let nothing distract us from the fundamental task: ensuring the well-being of the people › Cuba › Granma

After an intense day of checking the main economic and social programs in the 15 municipalities of the capital, the fifth government visit to Havana concluded, headed by the member of the Political Bureau of the Party and prime minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz.

In a context aggravated by the electro-energy situation, the Head of Government called for everyone to promote the development of the capital, which is the same as changing obsolete work methods, exploiting all potential to the maximum and adding, always adding.

The Prime Minister detailed the work carried out in recent weeks to advance the implementation of the Government’s projections, especially those related to the issues that most impact the population, such as, for example, food production and prices.

Prioritizing attention to social centers and achieving the expeditious advance of banking, because it is a measure that benefits the people, were other indications from the Head of Government. This process, he said, requires demanding and disciplined leadership.

When presenting the summary of the economic and social results of the capital, the governor, Yanet Hernández Pérez, explained that, among the most complex programs, are the housing situation, which concentrates 50% of the population’s proposals, the water supply and sanitation.

The vice prime ministers also targeted issues that are not going well and that urgently need to be reversed. Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca called on the capital to become an example of Urban and Suburban Agriculture, which requires a different look at that program; while the Commander of the Revolution Ramiro Valdés Menéndez warned that, of the more than 180 items identified in the local production of materials, Havana only manufactures 34, and in six municipalities no assortment is produced.

Another important point about the Maternal and Child Care Program was made by Deputy Prime Minister Jorge Luis Perdomo Di-Lella. Today, the infant mortality rate in the capital is the highest in the country, which requires differentiated work.

Deputy Prime Minister Inés María Chapman Waugh returned to the water supply situation in the capital city. She addressed, in particular, the actions planned for the reestablishment of two pumping equipment at the Cuenca Sur source, responsible for the service in areas of the city center.

The first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party in the capital, Liván Izquierdo Alonso, spoke about the economic and ideological battle. In his opinion, we must continue working on the personnel policy and systematically check the tasks. You have to know what is advancing and what is not, because advancing is directly proportional to defending the Revolution.

And the Prime Minister also spoke about defense, who, with all intention, chose for closing three concepts expressed by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, leader of the Cuban Revolution, in his speech on the 1st. January, and which have been the weapons of resistance and victories: unity, the fight to get out of each problem, and unwavering optimism.


Helping to counteract the water leaks that exist in the country, the largest numbers of which are concentrated in Havana, Granma and Santiago de Cuba, is one of the problems that the Hidroplast company alleviates. The entity, located in the capital municipality of Boyeros, produces and markets high-density polyethylene pipes and accessories for the national hydraulic program.

In this sense, engineer Iván Páez Rodríguez, general director of Hidroplast, belonging to the Comprehensive Management Group of Terrestrial Waters, explained that this is possible thanks to a new investment in two production lines of hydraulic accessories, which have a very high demand. important.

Our objective is aimed at responding to investments in Hydraulic Resources. For this we have three production lines: a corrugated pipe line for sewage and storm drainage works, unique in the country, another that produces tubes from 400 to a thousand millimeters in diameter and the third from 16 to 110 millimeters, he noted.

Like its counterparts in the country, Hidroplast has allowed the substitution of a good part of the imports for the hydraulic and sanitation works that have been carried out and are being carried out today. According to Antonio Rodríguez Rodríguez, president of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources, the production of this factory is destined, above all, to the west of the country.

In addition, he referred to the manufacture of gas pipes and, for the first time, high-density polyethylene tubes for gas pipelines, based on the technological innovation of the company’s specialists. Rodríguez Rodríguez added that the work carried out there has an impact on several sectors of the economy, such as tobacco production, agriculture and sugarcane.

The Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, arrived at this entity early this Friday morning, as part of the fifth government visit to Havana. Liván Izquierdo, first secretary of the Party in the capital, and the governor, Yanet Hernández, were waiting for him there.

In the exchange with the board of directors of Hidroplast, it was learned that the company has among its challenges the completion of its workforce, currently 38% covered. The Head of Government insisted on seeking incentives to strengthen attention to human resources and protect the qualified force, in an industry that, despite the complexities of the current context, has the raw materials to develop its productions. When touring the lines, he also became interested in the wages of workers, the distribution of profits and the diversification of productions.

Marrero Cruz also learned about the social responsibility of the company, which studied which families were in vulnerable situations in the nearby neighborhoods and, based on this, gave employment to young mothers, who have been trained and some will operate. a new factory production line.

Likewise, she toured the Pequenos Hidráulicos children’s house which, with capacity for 15 children, benefits several working mothers and families in the community. He inquired about the comfortable furniture of this establishment, which has been made from by-products of the production lines, and recommended that this experience be taken into account to manufacture the furniture required by the children’s houses that are opening in the country.


A working meeting with the Provincial Council of Havana gave continuity to the Prime Minister’s evening agenda, which focused on cardinal issues such as combating crime, compliance with savings measures and implementation of Government projections.

Darío Delgado Cura, head of the Department of Combating Crime and Illegalities, of the Council of Ministers, assured that, in this area, the capital has to continue reviewing work systems to increase effectiveness and rigor.

He pointed out fissures in internal control in administrative entities and in prevention actions in the community: the workers’ guards are not working, and there is a lack of effectiveness at the popular council level. He acknowledged that, although measures have been taken, the results are still far from what the capital and the country need.

To act on the causes and conditions, to go to the essences, to the factory, to the warehouse, where the lack of control is, urged the Prime Minister. «The demand must be increased. “Sometimes we are slow to take action, and that does a lot of damage to the country,” he said.

Regarding savings, essential in the current context, the Head of Government placed emphasis on the reserves identified, both in the state and residential sectors. Just by turning off an unnecessary light we could help a lot to alleviate the burden of consumption that weighs on the shoulders of a blocked and resource-poor nation.

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