Milei to Córdoba without laws and without founding pact | The President will lead an institutional event on May 25

Milei to Córdoba without laws and without founding pact | The President will lead an institutional event on May 25
Milei to Córdoba without laws and without founding pact | The President will lead an institutional event on May 25

Without governors, without Base Law and without May Pact, Javier Milei will star today in the event for May 25 in Córdoba. The president will arrive around 1 p.m. to La Docta — “the land of Conan” — with a very different itinerary than the one he had in mind in March, when he announced the event: little remains of the refounding milestone of the libertarian administration, which will end being replaced by a withered photo in front of the Córdoba Town Hall. Without militancy or much leadership – the invitations were issued in the last 24 hours and there will be dozens of his own and allied absences – Milei will give an institutional speech accompanied by a cabinet on fire. The presence of Nicolás Posse at the event, however, will seek to quell the rumors of his imminent departure, although in the libertarian cosmos he is already dismissed. Those who will contribute the number to the national day, meanwhile, will be the unions and left-wing organizations, which will lead various protests in the city.

The invitations had only begun to circulate on Thursday night. The stagnation of the Base Law had mortally wounded the May Pact and had transformed the act in Córdoba, which Karina Milei had been preparing for weeks, into an empty package. Without the law it made no sense to sign a decalogue with the governors, so the ceremony had lost its reason for being. Slowly the concept was modified, but the news did not reach those attending until less than 48 hours after the event took place. Libertarian senators and deputies who have been promoting the scrapping and sale of Aerolíneas Argentinas could not travel because, by the time they found out that there was an event, the flights had already been sold out. “Airlines reduced flights everywhere and there are no more flights,” complained an important libertarian leader, oblivious to the irony.

The PRO leaders who have been juggling to maintain a kind of “officialism but with autonomy” will not travel either: many were not invited, others preferred to continue with their territorial agendas. The bullrichisimo will give the present and will have Laura Rodríguez Machado as his local ambassador (in addition, of course, to the presence of the Minister of Security herself, Patricia Bullrich). “Mauricio gave no indication of going,” they said, however, in the rest of the PRO, where Macri has been leading an attack to limit Bullrich’s power of influence.

Those who will accompany the President will be his ministers, who will arrive in Córdoba along with Milei on a military plane. Even the Chief of Staff, Nicolás Posse, whose absence from the musical show at Luna Park had precipitated the crisis at the top of the government. His presence will aim to cool the open-air internment that some leaders of Casa Rosada have been leading – with the Secretary of the Presidency at the head – who intend to establish that Posse’s days are numbered. There are many leaders of La Libertad Avanza who interpret that the Chief of Staff is “on a tightrope” and that his departure is almost a fact. The President himself hinted that he will review his entire government team when he finishes the novel of the Base Law: a way to remove the journalistic telephoto lens on Posse, but a recognition that he does not rule out his departure.

The libertarian open town hall

Javier Milei will begin the national day with a Tedeum in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Plaza de Mayo at 9 in the morning, which will be attended by Vice President Victoria Villarruel, national officials and libertarian legislators. After noon he will undertake, together with his entourage, the trip to the city of Córdoba, where he will be received by Governor Martín Llaryora. The event in the Town Hall, right in front of Plaza San Martín, will begin at 3 p.m. and he will seek, given the impossibility of signing a “pact” with the governors, to emulate a reversal of the “open town hall” in a libertarian format. “It’s going to be a kind of first revolutionary junta,” said a libertarian who, when asked who would take the place of Viceroy Cisneros, responded ironically: “Posse.”

Milei will be the only speaker in an event with more institutional than refoundational overtones. The content of the speech, however, has people and others immersed in uncertainty. It is assumed that he will mention Congress and its refusal to sanction, for the moment, the Base Law and the fiscal package. The question is whether he will once again attack “the rat’s nest” that does not provide him with the tools of government or if, instead, he will opt for a more nuanced speech, similar to that at the Opening of Ordinary Sessions (in which he announced for the first time his desire to call on the governors to sign a “May Pact”). “It will depend on how much the law needs. But Milei likes the logic of the exhibition. Only they have the idea of ​​what matters most, but I imagine him putting it in the deepest,” analyzed a bullrichista converted to mileism.

In the Senate they are expectant. “Do you want an opinion? Well, let’s wait and see what the President says on Saturday,” the radical senators who had refused to put their signature on the official opinion had already been saying since Wednesday. The climate in the Upper House is hostile: negotiations with the government do not come to a successful conclusion and every time the President speaks – as when he threatened to veto any law that generated a fiscal deficit – the senators fight. An unfortunate comment could once again bog down the negotiations for the Bases Law.

Posters for Milei

The message was repeated in dozens of posters and parades that covered the streets of the city of Córdoba in the run-up to the presidential arrival: “Milei culiadazo.” Although the provincial police had been in charge of removing them quickly, the images had already gone viral on the networks. The warm reception from some groups from Cordoba included, in turn, a “papafritazo” in which they began to distribute cones of French fries that had the inscription “The country is not for sale.” The reason? The rumor that there is about the President’s supposed phobia of this food.

But the most shocking thing will be the reception from the unions and left-wing organizations, which have prepared a wave of protests in the city from midday. ATE will begin the protests at the entrance to the Taravella International Airport and will block some of the accesses to the city. The regional CGT will mobilize in the center and carry out an act against the Bases Law and the DNU. The Polo Obrero, meanwhile, will also hold a march.

“President, the governors failed you but rest assured that we are going to go,” said the general secretary of ATE, Rodolfo Aguiar, ironically, and concluded: “You were frustrated in signing the May Pact, but you shouldn’t even be able to do it.” an act calmly. He must know that he is not welcome in any province. With his policies, he is destroying them all.

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