Milei reaches May 25 at its critical hour: red-hot cabinet, provinces in explosion and what if the Bases Law falls?

Milei reaches May 25 at its critical hour: red-hot cabinet, provinces in explosion and what if the Bases Law falls?
Milei reaches May 25 at its critical hour: red-hot cabinet, provinces in explosion and what if the Bases Law falls?

Javier Milei He is facing critical moments in his administration. Caressing the first semester of his Government, the President suffered in recent days complications that he would have preferred to avoid. His sister, Karina Milei wants to immediately fire the Chief of Staff, Nicolás Posse, and they are already looking for a replacement. The cabinet is red hot. Meanwhile, there are beginning to be social explosions in the provinces, such as the Misiones case. The economy begins to hit hard in the libertarian decalogue and story. And the Bases Law already raises the question: what if the project falls in Congress?

The Luna Park show couldn’t have come at a more inopportune time. Even his media spokespersons who have dinner with the president at the Olivos presidential villa found it inappropriate. Milei, for her part, had weak arguments to defend that show the day after in an interview she gave at the Casa Rosada without questioning: “There is always someone who is going to criticize, we all have different preferences and someone may dislike you.”

While Milei was singing, almost all of his ministers and trusted officials were under the stage. Only one was missing: Posse. There the alarms were raised publicly about an issue that traveled underground in La Rosada.

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Karina’s relationship with Posse had been bad for a while. But there it was faithfully known that she was completely broken. And she has no return. Those around the President’s sister expected her to leave between Thursday and Friday. As of this writing, it did not happen. They also know that a counterattack from the chief minister may come. Will Posse resist? Will he go to war against Karina?

The breaking of the link, as indicated by The uncovering from various sectors of the Government, it is multi-causal. What triggered everything was Karina Milei’s suspicion that Posse was using the AFI to spy on their own. To wit: the head of the Federal Intelligence Agency is Silvestre Sívori, a lawyer linked to Posse. On the other hand, they distrust another trusted person of the Chief of Staff: Gladys Noemí Humenuk.

Humenuk works in the General Secretariat headed by Karina. She was appointed on January 4 in decree 18/2024 as undersecretary of Administrative Coordination. Previously, she had been head of Management Control at Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 and Manager of Administration and Finance at Eduardo Eurnekian’s company. Around Milei’s sister they see her as an “infiltrator” who plays for Posse.

Returning to Sívori, it is known that he worked with Mauricio Macri’s former Minister of Transportation, Guillermo Dietrich. Another reason for Karina’s outburst against Posse is because in recent days the Chief Cabinet directors who respond precisely to Dietrich rushed to appoint macrista officials.

These are Juan Manuel Gallo, Mariano Fantoni, Karina Masarechi and Martín Cordini. They are Dietrich’s men within Headquarters and, as he was able to find out The uncovering“they were in charge of distributing positions and continuing to bring in people from Macri and Dietrich to continue occupying places in the different state companies.”

Posse already has the ticket. Now, a replacement is being sought with one exclusive requirement: that he speak. “We want a Chief of Staff who functions as spokesperson,” they slipped. There are two options. Move pieces inside or go searching outside. The The first option that the Government handles is to promote the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos, to Headquarters. And let his place in the Interior be occupied by Eduardo “Lule” Menem, Karina’s man and main point guard for La Libertad Avanza at the national level.

Another option that Milei himself mentioned in an interview in LN+ and what they ratify from Casa Rosada is that the new Chief of Staff is Frederick Sturzenegger. This free advisor already has a secured place in the Government. He will soon be appointed to a key position, the ruling party announced. And he will not be in a new ministry but in a place that already exists. “Javier is not going to create any ministry,” they confirmed to The uncovering. Therefore, now it sounds like a certain possibility for the new time to come. Just in case, those around Milei made it clear that “Toto Caputo is not leaving, he is firm.”

Of the inmates, spokesperson Manuel Adorni and deputy José Luis Espert, protagonists of the event at Luna Park, are also possibilities, although with fewer chances.

The discussion will be different if Milei goes outside to search. Will she give up a place as important as the Head of Government to a PRO? The first one that sounded from outside is Patricia Bullrich. Inside La Rosada today no one wants to know anything about that version. “It is giving the Government to the yellows,” said a government source.

From those around Bullrich they affirm that they remain in Security. And on the other hand, in the PRO they assure that a new internship could be opened with Mauricio Macri and other actors. If “Pato” leaves Security, does the PRO still have that place? Will Cristian Ritondo and Diego Santilli fight to grab it? Their names that were heard for that place during the week. A year ago, the head of the Macrista bloc in Deputies expressed when faced with the possibility of occupying that chair: “I suffered a lot, I hope I don’t have to return to that place.” While in the circle of “El Colo” they trusted that “no one called him” and that “there is no conversation in that sense.” From the circle of the two they flatly rejected that possibility. A mamushka of inmates.

Posse’s departure is already a fact and it is a matter of time. Milei will have to reformulate his government in critical hours. Doubts in the air: with Posse, are your people leaving? Will the Deputy Chief of Staff José Rolandi, Sívori of the AFI and the Secretary of Legal and Technical, Javier Herrera Bravo, resign?

This internal noise and departures occur while the Bases Law falls apart in the Senate. “We are not being able to rule. Today the ruling is more difficult than the venue,” defines a person from the ruling party who is aware of the negotiations in Congress.

There is no person in the Government who today can ensure that the law is passed. And there is even speculation about his fall. “And well, the provinces will have a hard time. We’ll see each other in 2025 then, that’s it,” laments a key government official before The uncovering. The possibility that the fiscal project and Bases will fall in the Government is already a reality.

The Government was filled with complicated fronts in a very complicated week. With the blue dollar on the rise, which went from 1000 to 1300. And with an eye to an inflation that the Government claimed to have under control but this jump could push it up again.

The adjustment, which is now called “overreaction”, is beginning to wreak havoc in the provinces. The drowning that drove Milei to the districts had its first explosion in Misiones and it was with the police.

The uniformed missionaries have been protesting for a whole week, to which teachers and health personnel have already joined. The conflict grows, the National Government says that “it is a provincial issue” and the leader of Misiones and its governor are beginning to be put in check: Carlos Rovira and Hugo Passalacqua.

Speculation is flying over the Casa Rosada. What if the conflict in Misiones helps La Libertad Avanza to be able to advance in a territory where it is always difficult to gain a foothold with a new group? Advantages of a President without his own governors…

This is how the Milei Government experiences these key hours that will be decisive for the future of management. It is known with certainty that changes are coming and a new time is also approaching for the administration of León.

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