Marinas y Náuticas Marlin SA Company: the experience of the sea in Cuba

Marinas y Náuticas Marlin SA Company: the experience of the sea in Cuba

By Daily Pérez Guillén

Just two days away from the 72nd edition of the Ernest Hemingway International Needle Fishing Tournament, the Marinas and Marlin Nautical SA, which is in charge of organizing this event, is celebrating its nineteenth anniversary. Through its profiles on social networks, it remembers the date of its founding as May 25, 2005.

Throughout the entire Cuban archipelago, this entity belonging to the Cubasol Business Group, has five marinas enabled for international traffic, another eleven national or nautical bases and two support branches.

Infographic, Facebook Marinas Marlin.

Regarding the recently concluded International Tourism Fair, which took place in one of the most important sun and beach tourist centers in the country and which is the headquarters of the Jardines del Rey Branch, the company renewed a good part of its products and nautical resources there. .

“Our branch is dressed up as we have updated several equipment. In the case of the boat adventure we replace all the boats with new ones. The client is the 100% protagonist of this activity because he drives his own boat,” Arley Rodríguez Suárez, commercial director of that marina, told TTC.

For their part, Daybelis Pérez Sandrino, commercial director, and Patricia Díaz Ferras, director of Business and Development in its higher structure, also presented the advantages of the website at FITCUBA 2024. from which it is possible to manage a tourist package to suit each client.

On this digital platform, users have at their disposal all the Marlin options in the country’s destinations. Offers for sport fishing, diving, kayaking, kitesurfing, life on board, boat adventure, among other products, are available. Under the “Experiences” category, Internet users find opportunities for exclusive yacht trips, night diving, seafaring or enjoying sunsets with a yacht tour and dinner near the coast.

The site also has its own GDS that can be integrated with others and through it you can access international payment gateways such as Bidaiondo or the new GuajiPay virtual wallet.

New boats to enjoy the boat adventure in Jardines del Rey, Cuba.

The executives highlighted the future projection of Marinas Marlin, which includes the development of its products and services throughout Cuba, as well as the opportunity for foreign investment in the Marina Hemingway naval workshops and the banks of the Almandares River, in Havana; the Nautical Base of the Ancón Peninsula, in Sancti Spíritus; and the Siguanea base on the Isle of Youth.

In addition to maritime excursions; docking services; contemplative diving; international courses endorsed by ACUC and SSI didactics; fishing in different modalities (high altitude, bottom and fly); life on board services and boat repair, Marine Company and Marlin Nautical SA is in charge of important events that have the sea as a setting.

In the last decade he organized the Big Game Trolling Jardines del Rey International Fishing Tournament that this year will take place between October 24 and 29. It also brings together photographers and divers in Cuba who participate in the FOTOSUB International Underwater Photography Event.

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