Find out all the details about the May 25 parade – El Chorrillero

Find out all the details about the May 25 parade – El Chorrillero
Find out all the details about the May 25 parade – El Chorrillero

Updated: 05/24/2024 16:38
Friday, May 24, 2024 • 16:04

“We will have the participation of 112 educational establishments, organized in groups from the letter A to K, in each of which we will have organizers and the presence of the Physical Education institutes, who will help us with logistics,” explained the director. of Transportation and School Sports, Pablo Fernández.

At a press conference, he explained that the directors, teachers and students are called for 10 a.m., since they want it not to be so early due to the cold. They have assigned locations, and will be assisted by six Physical Education teachers for each establishment, the teacher in charge of each institution, and ministry personnel who will provide help with whatever is needed.

The parade is scheduled to last three to three and a half hours. In addition, during that previous hour, they will serve traditional chocolate, bills and pancakes. A special snack is planned for people with celiac disease, which will come from five kitchens distributed along the avenue.

The secretary of Links and Closeness with the Municipality’s neighbor, Gladys Peralta, stressed that the capital commune “will make all the secretariats available, both the Public Services, which is working constantly, as well as the Delegation and the rest of the agencies and departments of Culture, Tourism, Sports and Zoonoses, providing service to the neighbor.”

Finally, he indicated: “We had the registration of many entrepreneurs, who paid a minimum stamp, so that they can offer street sales. They will be at both the beginning and the end of the parade, so as not to hinder the circuit and the route.”

Essential services

To ensure everyone’s safety and comfort, there will be ambulances located at three strategic points to provide medical assistance if necessary. Chemical toilets will also be available in three locations (see map).

The Transit Operation will be arranged by the Ministry of Security and the Municipality of San Luis.

After the schools pass, the cultural and sports institutions will parade, followed by the security forces and gaucho groups. The deconcentration will be on España and Constitución avenues. Those who depend on the Ministry of Tourism and Culture must meet on Avenida España and Colón, by Colón.

Representatives of: Bastoneras, Scout Group, 6 dance academies, cultural groups, 2 Gaucho Federations and 25 Guacha Groups will parade with an approximate total of 250 horses.

The concentration of the Sports Secretariat will be on España Avenue and Justo Daract, by Justo Daract.

Representatives of sports schools for people with disabilities, Ave Fénix sports schools for older adults, representatives of 16 federations and associations and 30 clubs from across the province will parade. (ANSL)

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