The Justice of San Juan convicted him of robbery, but he will not go to jail

The Justice of San Juan convicted him of robbery, but he will not go to jail
The Justice of San Juan convicted him of robbery, but he will not go to jail

On May 4 at 7 in the morning, a man discovered that someone had entered his home and stolen items he had in the back of the house. Among the objects reported by the victim were a mountain bike and a truck cover. During the robbery, the thief was recorded by a home security camera and this Friday the criminal was prosecuted, obtaining a conditional sentence that will set him free.

The victim, residing in the Media Agua village, in the Sarmiento department, observed that the back gate of his house was open. Therefore, she went to the back of the house and found that they had stolen, without using violence, a G Lock bicycle, frame number GM175270176, size 29 and white.

The victim reviewed the recordings of the security cameras he had in the home and found that a Good Year truck cover, 295-80, wheel size 22.5, had also been stolen, which was next to the bicycle mentioned as stolen. The man also observed on the cameras where the thief went with his belongings and the bicycle tracks took him to the house of a neighbor, who has a construction site, and in the bathroom of said construction site they found the bicycle.

The footprints led the victim of the robbery to the house of the thief, later identified as Braian Nahuel Vega, who lives on Proyectada street, between Torrent and Laprida streets, in the town of Media Agua, approximately 100 meters from the complainant’s home. Also in the recordings it was established that Vega entered the home twice, first to steal the bicycle and then the cover.

Due to this fact, four days later, in the afternoon, Vega Paredes was detained by personnel from the 8th Police Station and the prosecutor in charge of the case was informed.

This May 24, the abbreviated trial hearing was held, where it was agreed with the technical defense of the accused, to receive the sentence of three months in prison with conditional compliance for the crime of simple theft.

Dr. Cristian Catalano intervened in the case as the prosecutor of the case and the prosecutor’s assistants were doctors José Salinas Molina, Atilio Yanardi, Carla Savall and Agustín Caballero Vidal.

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