SENA opened NEW FREE registrations: careers and courses available

SENA opened NEW FREE registrations: careers and courses available
SENA opened NEW FREE registrations: careers and courses available

In a continued effort to promote higher education and meet the demands of today’s job market, the National Learning Service SENA) has announced exciting news for all young people looking for Free and quality technical training.

In a recent statement, SENA revealed the authorization of new places for in-person and distance training in more than 51 technical programs. Highlighting the emphasis on digital areas, which are highly in demand in the contemporary workplace, SENA seeks to equip students with relevant and competitive skills.

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What courses are available at SENA 2024?

This year, SENA has consolidated its reputation as a leading institution in programs focused on digital areaswhich has contributed significantly to the employability and competitiveness of its graduates.

SENA’s educational offering covers a wide range of disciplines, from Digital Marketing to Occupational Health and Safety (OSH), Forklift Machine Operator, Quality in Software Development, among others.

Among the most sought-after careers is Digital Marketing for the Fashion System, which offers the opportunity to understand the digital world and acquire skills to communicate effectively online.

What registrations are open at SENA?

With the opening of 54 thousand places in 21 programsdistributed in four types of sessions and five levels of training that include technicians, technologists and short training courses, SENA seeks to address the various educational and labor needs of the population.

Those interested in taking advantage of this educational opportunity can register from May 24 to 30 through the Sofía Plus platform.

How do I register for Sena 2024?

The registration process for SENA 2024 is simple and can be done by following some key steps:

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  1. Access the Sofía Plus platform.
  2. Locate the ‘Virtual Races’ button at the top of the page.
  3. Select the option ‘Learn about the programs here’.
  4. Find the desired program and click on ‘Registration’.
  5. Then, complete the required information and click ‘Register’.
  6. Finally, pay attention to the email to receive confirmation of the registration process.

It is important to keep in mind that the specific requirements to access the programs vary depending on the career selected. However, among the basic requirements to register for SENA The presentation of the identification document, high school documents and the ICFES SABER 11 exam are included.

SENA continues to be an educational option for those seeking to acquire technical and technological skills relevant to today’s labor market.

With its focus on digital areas and its commitment to the comprehensive training of students, SENA continues to be an open door to a future of work promising for thousands of young people in Colombia.

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