3,477 vehicles in Armenia sanctioned for not having valid SOAT or technical mechanics –

Author: Natalia Trujillo Varela

Most of the infractions that were carried out last Tuesday on Car and Motorcycle Free Day in Armenia correspond to motorcyclists for driving with an expired license or for not having up-to-date technical knowledge.

During the Car and Motorcycle Free Day in Armenia, a total of 157 summonses were given, 25 summonses were made to motorcyclists for not carrying out the technical-mechanical inspection within the established legal period, which is why vehicles were found in questionable technical conditions or polluting emissions. This review is mandatory every year to ensure that the vehicles that travel on the roads do not contaminate the environment nor can they become stranded due to being in poor condition and obstructing the roads, in addition to verifying the safety of the vehicle for those who drive it.

It was striking precisely that on a day when there were fewer vehicles and the “offenders” were more visible, they came out. Which undoubtedly invites us to wonder how well these types of regulations are complied with in the city.

After the Ministry of Traffic and Transportation, headed by Daniel Jaime Castaño Calderón, announced the final balance of the first environmental day of the day without cars and motorcycles in the Quindian capital, it was evident that twelve people were fined for driving without carry the insurance mandated by law, such as Mandatory Traffic Accident Insurance, SOAT; likewise, 9 people were fined when they were caught driving with an expired driving license.

The Traffic Commander of Armenia, Ricardo Javier Rodríguez Chapuel, expressed that the failure to renew Mandatory Traffic Accident Insurance on time, apart from generating fines, can generate insecurity for both the driver and other road actors.

“The national traffic code, in its article 131, establishes the norms or current legal minimum daily wages to be paid, in the case of not having a driving license you can risk paying 30 SMLDV, which would be equivalent to $1,300,000 and You must take a course at the comprehensive care centers and be able to obtain a 50% reduction and, if you make the payment within the next 20 days, you would have the benefit of a 25% reduction in the cost, the summons for not having the technical mechanics per day is around 15 SMLDV, that is, $650,000,” said Rodríguez Chapuel.

Currently, the Ministry of Transit and Transportation does not accurately manage the total number of how many vehicles are mobilized in Armenia, due to the fact that vehicles from other municipalities travel daily. However, 92,406 vehicles are registered in Setta, of which 51,129 are motorcycles, 25,617 are cars, 9,984 are trucks and 2,822 are campers. Compared to the year 2023 and to date, 2,586 vehicles were sanctioned for not having the technomechanical inspection, which represents an increase of 33%, likewise, it was known that 891 were sanctioned for not having the Soat, which indicates a 40% increase compared to the previous year.

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From the Ministry of Transit and Transportation, educational and pedagogical campaigns are carried out through a road education group, such as the prevention work carried out by agents throughout the city.

“We hope that drivers can understand the responsibility they have when using a motor vehicle, in accordance with the law, it requires documents such as the driving license, mandatory insurance, the technomechanical review and the driving license, and that it is This is possible without the need for intervention from the traffic authority, the idea is to have awareness and respect for the rule and comply with it without the need for a control intervention,” said Rodríguez Chapuel.

The Setta commander also called on citizens to drive at a safe speed and allow for the anticipation of the error of another driver or the pedestrian crossing the road.

When asking people about the reasons or reasons for not updating the documentation, the argument of the high costs to renew the documents in order prevailed, referring to Soat and technical mechanics, so the economic factor is one of the main impediments. that people have in the delay or non-payment of documentation.

Finally, Commander Rodríguez Chapuel said that the people who were fined on Car and Motorcycle Free Day in Armenia were people who were within the exceptions, “it was taken into account that the vehicle’s documentation was current. Regarding the summons prepared for not carrying the documents, it was for vehicles that were within the exceptions of the Decree and did not require permission,” he pointed out.

The Economic Observatory of Armenia carried out a detailed study to calculate how many tons of CO2 were no longer emitted into the atmosphere during the Car and Motorcycle Free Day, finding that the figure exceeds one million tons.

As explained by Juan Carlos Vásquez Sora, coordinator of the observatory, based on the average figures of the vehicle fleet for the city of Armenia and the data on the average travel time between the home and the workplace from the Great Dane Integrated Household Survey (2023), the average distance was calculated assuming speeds per vehicle type. These data allow the average travel distance to be derived.

“With fuel efficiency data by engine type, the average gasoline consumption is calculated for both cars and motorcycles. These calculations are made using approximations of the engine displacement of each one. The average fuel consumption offers clues about the CO2 generation of each vehicle,” explained the analyst.

He said that the results indicate that assuming an average speed of 38 km for cars and 45 km for motorcycles, and an average travel time of 20 minutes for both, results in a consumption of 1.27 gallons for vehicles and 0.48 gallons for motorcycles.

“For a generation of 8,887 grams of CO2 per gallon, cars will generate a total of 11,256 grams of CO2 per trip and for motorcycles 8,451 grams of CO2 per trip. With a private vehicle fleet of 36,558 cars and 50,144 motorcycles, the reduced CO2 would be at the level of 823,057 tons of CO2 produced by cars per day and 423,802 tons of CO2 produced by motorcycles. In the aggregate, the CO2 that is reduced by the day without a car can amount to 1,246,859 tons of CO2,” indicated Vásquez Sora.

It should be taken into account that the calculations correspond to averages, both of times and distances, engine displacement, gasoline consumption and routes, among others, so the total decrease figure could be greater.

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