They capture a trusted man alias ‘Canoso’ in Córdoba

They capture a trusted man alias ‘Canoso’ in Córdoba
They capture a trusted man alias ‘Canoso’ in Córdoba


Soldiers of the Eleventh Brigade of the National Army, In coordination with the Criminal and Judicial Investigation Section of the Montería Metropolitan Police, they captured a man and a woman who were allegedly part of the organized armed group Clan del Golfo. Among those captured is alias ‘White’who served as financial leader of the substructure Zuley Guerra Castroof this illegal organization.

“The operations were carried out simultaneously through search and seizure procedures at two points in the department, where the authorities enforced the court orders that existed against these alleged members of the armed group. The capture of alias ‘Blanco’ occurred in a rural area of ​​the municipality of Los Córdobas, while that of the woman was recorded in the city of Montería,” the National Army stated.

According to intelligence information, “alias ‘Blanco’ is a demobilized member of the Peasant Self-Defense Forces of Córdoba and Urabá (ACCU) and He would have a 10-year criminal history in the organization, “being responsible for terrorist actions against the Public Force and the civilian population of the Córdoba region.”

As could be established, the subject in question “he would have ordered the attack on an Army patrol in September 2017 in the Mata de Plátano village, in the municipality of Canalete, Córdoba, in which two professional soldiers were seriously injured.”

“Likewise, it seems It would be linked to the attack against a National Police patrol in 2018 in another rural sector of the same municipality, which claimed the lives of two members of this institution.“added the authorities

On the other hand, the investigative lines would indicate that alias ‘Blanco’ is accused of ordering and controlling criminal actions around the armed strike registered in July 2022, as retaliation for the extradition of alias ‘Otoniel’, former top boss of the Gulf Clan.

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Regarding alias ‘Blanco’, it was specified that he would be the trusted man of alias ‘Canoso’, who would be the main leader of the Zuley Guerra Castro substructure.

“At the moment, He would serve as a financial leader, in charge of collecting extortions from merchants and ranchers, and with his capture the organization suffers a setback in compliance with its drug trafficking expansion policies. and other illicit economies,” stated the Public Force.

According to what was established by the Metropolitan Police of Montería, this subject had criminal interference in the municipalities of Montería, Moñitos, Puerto Escondido and The Córdobas.

Finally, the authorities indicated that 2 short firearms, more than 50 cartridges of different calibers, suppliers, more than 33 million pesos in cash, 3 agendas with accounting information and a cell phone.

The two captured were left at the disposal of the Attorney General’s Office, with the aim of continuing with the investigations and complying with the corresponding judicial processes.

Details about the woman’s capture:

According to the Police, the 45-year-old woman was captured in the Rancho Grande neighborhood, left bank of Montería, where more than 18 million pesos in cash were seized.

This woman worked in logistics work within the organization to store the money collected by alias ‘Blanco’ on the left bank of Montería“said the Metropolitan Police of Montería, headed by Colonel Carlos García.

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