They prosecuted the detained police officers

They prosecuted the detained police officers
They prosecuted the detained police officers

Federal Judge Leopoldo Rago Gallo issued the indictment against four federal police officers from the Cuyo Regional Agency of the Federal Police for the theft of $20,000,000 during a procedure in Vallecito, last April. In addition, an embargo of $5,000,000 was placed on them each, so the future of the troops became uncertain.

According to qualified sources, the sub-inspector officer Matías Barbeito and the non-commissioned officers Marcos Altamirano, Gabriel Ángel Puca and Matías Leonel Vega, were prosecuted for the crime of triple aggravated robbery, for being committed in an unpopulated area, in a gang and for being an official of a force. police. In this way, the judge ordered that they continue to be housed in the Provincial Penitentiary Service.

It should be noted that the federal police have been imprisoned since April 26. Two of them testified in the Federal Court with the advice of their defense, lawyer Gustavo De la Fuente, and denied having seen that money. Two others abstained from testifying. However, prosecutor Francisco Maldonado would be convinced that there was an intentional act and that they appropriated that money.

The incident for which they are being targeted occurred during a vehicle control operation in Vallecito, Caucete, where the police detained the Tucumán truck driver Isaías Eusebio Arce, who reported that the police stole $20,000,000 from him. According to his story, the police found the money in his truck and asked for his cell phone. Subsequently, they told him that they would seize the money, with the excuse that he could not carry so much money, and they would only return the $11,000,000 that was allowed. Thus, they drew up a document, made him sign it and kept the $20,000,000, the truck driver denounced.

Judge Rago Gallo’s resolution puts the accused police officers in serious trouble, since the money has not yet appeared. The case will continue to be investigated, and police officers will continue to be detained in connection with this incident.

The origin of the case

During the early hours of Friday, April 26, the National Gendarmerie raided the headquarters of the Cuyo Regional Agency of the Argentine Federal Police and the San Juan Delegation of the Federal Police, following the complaint of a truck driver from Tucumán who in an operation on Route 141 Near Bermejo, federal officers interviewed him and seized $20,000,000 of the 31 he was transporting. The allegedly seized money did not appear and four police officers were arrested that same Friday.

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