Communist Party of India joins global campaign in support of Cuba

Communist Party of India joins global campaign in support of Cuba
Communist Party of India joins global campaign in support of Cuba

In a video message of solidarity with the people of the island, the head of the International Relations Department of the PCI(M), MA Baby, highlighted that the removal of the Caribbean nation from the list of countries that do not fully collaborate in the counterterrorism efforts.

The designation that Washington still persists in maintaining over Cuba, without any moral or political authority for it, is a justification for imposing sanctions and other repressive measures against the Cuban people, said the also coordinator of the National Solidarity Committee with the island in India. .

He pointed out that it is also one of the main genocidal tools that US imperialism uses to strangle the Cuban people, despite growing international rejection.

MA Baby, also a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), highlighted that a large sector of United States citizens demand the elimination of Cuba from the spurious list.

He stressed that the United States government also promotes a systematic and well-financed media operation on both traditional and digital platforms.

With this, he noted, Washington intends to project the Cuban government as responsible for the impact of its inhumane measures with the aim of instigating discontent among the people against the socialist system.

The party leader specified that the final objective of the White House is to seek a change of political regime in the Caribbean nation.

This has been the game of the United States since Cuba declared the socialist nature of its Revolution, he said.

MA Baby also highlighted the heroic resistance of Cubans to all of Washington’s attempts to destabilize the society of the Caribbean nation.

The United States has used hundreds of organized terrorist attacks from its territory that included assassination attempts against Commander Fidel Castro, the Bay of Pigs armed invasion and the special period after the collapse of the Soviet Union, he noted.

Finally, on behalf of his organization, the Indian leader reaffirmed his confidence that the people will successfully overcome these obstacles with the leadership of the Communist Party of Cuba, and reiterated his country’s solidarity in this difficult period.


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